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‘No, that’s fine.’ She looked down at the ground and stepped over the cable leading to a children’s ride. Why was she hesitant to tell him?

‘Uncle Si!’

Stepping back, Jessie watched as two small boys ran towards Simon, throwing their arms around his waist.

‘Harrison! Patrick! What are you guys doing here?’ Holding his chip cone aloft, he hugged them with his free arm.

Leaning forward, Jessie took his chip cone so he could hug them both.

‘Thank you.’ Glancing up, Simon mouthed to Jessie before kneeling down to the boys’ heights. ‘Are you here to go on the rides?’

‘Yes! Mummy and her friend Gavin have brought us.’ Turning, Harrison waved behind him.

‘That sounds fun.’ Simon straightened his back as a woman and a man came towards them.

‘Simon. Lovely to see you here.’ Stepping forward, the woman wrapped her arms warmly around him. ‘Simon, you remember Gavin.’

‘Hi, Selina. Great to see you. Good to see you again, Gavin.’ Simon shook the man’s hand. ‘It looks as though the boys have had fun.’ He signalled to the two enormous balloons Gavin was carrying. ‘Unless they’re yours?’

‘Haha, definitely Harrison’s and Patrick’s.’ The man laughed.

‘Sorry, this is Jessie. Jessie, this is Selina and Gavin, Patrick and Harrison.’

‘Hi.’ Jessie waved.

‘Lovely to meet you, Jessie.’ Selina drew her into a hug before ruffling her boys’ hair. ‘Right, come on, you two. Time for bed, I think. Say bye-bye to Uncle Simon and Jessie.’

‘Aw, do we have to?’ Patrick gripped Simon’s hand.

‘How about I pop round to see you two one day on my way home from work this week?’ Simon grinned.

‘Will we be able to have a ride in your police car?’ Patrick tilted his head, seemingly weighing up the offer.

‘I think that can be arranged.’

‘Yay! See you tomorrow, Uncle Simon.’ Giving Simon a final hug, Patrick went across and held his mum’s hand.

‘See you tomorrow then, Simon.’ Smiling, Selina waved before taking Harrison’s hand too and weaving back through the crowds towards the exit.

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