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‘See you later.’ Wendy waved and followed Chris outside.

‘I’ll go and pick us some tomatoes.’ Taking a wicker basket from a sideboard in the hallway, Freya slipped outside, too.

‘Just the two of us left then?’ Simon grinned.

‘Yep.’ Jessie tilted her head and looked at him.

Stepping forward, Simon wrapped his arms around her. ‘I really enjoyed our trip to the Pleasure Beach yesterday.’

‘Me too.’ Lifting her head, she kissed him. The same warmth as last night warming her lips.

‘Do you fancy spending some more time together after work today?’

‘That’ll be nice.’ Stepping away, she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. ‘Where do you fancy going?’

‘Well, this might not be your thing at all, and if it isn’t, then just say, we can do something else, but did you want to join me for a paddleboarding lesson?’ He glanced at the floor and then back at her.

‘Paddleboarding? I don’t know what fills me with more fear, paddleboarding or the fact you’ll see me in a wetsuit!’ She laughed. ‘My core muscles are rubbish. I don’t even know if I’d be able to stay upright on a paddleboard, let alone get it to move anywhere.’

‘Me neither. I look at the people on them and they make it look so easy but, after speaking to people, I know it’s not. There’s no pressure. You don’t have to come; we can meet up afterwards if you’d prefer? The lesson was a Christmas present from my nephews, and I’ve put it off until now, but they asked me about it last week when I visited, and Selina made me book it. You’re welcome to come and watch me make a complete fool of myself if you like and then we can go and grab some dinner or something?’

Biting her lip, she looked across at Simon. Ahh, was she being daft by not just joining in? It could be fun... ‘I’ll come. I’ll join in the lesson if there’re any spaces left.’

‘Really? Are you sure?’

Jessie rolled her eyes and laughed. ‘Yes, why not? What’s the worst that can happen? I either break my leg or make a complete fool of myself or both.’ Besides, if she was lucky, there likely wouldn’t be any spare places in the class at such late notice.

‘Okay, great! It’s a private lesson, so they’ll be no problem with you joining in.’

‘Great.’ Great. It looked as though she was going paddleboarding then.

Stepping towards her again, Simon enveloped her with his arms and spoke quietly into her ear. ‘And just for the record, you’ll look great in a wetsuit.’

‘Umm.’ Shaking her head, she smiled.

Chapter Fifteen

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