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‘Yep. Look at us!’ Wobbling, she looked back at the lighthouse to try to steady herself again. Nope, it was no good. She couldn’t find her centre again. Swinging her arms in all directions, she lost balance completely and fell into the water, flipping Simon’s board as she fell. Pushing the board away from her, she stood up, gasping for breath, and looked for Simon. ‘Simon?’

‘I’m here.’ Chuckling, Simon placed his arms around her middle and kissed her neck. ‘Thanks for that.’

Twisting her neck, she looked into his eyes as he stood in the water behind her. ‘No problem. I didn’t want you missing out on a fall.’ Closing her eyes, she gripped his hands around her waist and kissed him back. She could feel the water from his hair dripping down her cheeks.

‘Ready to try again?’

‘Oh yes. It’s actually quite fun.’

‘You didn’t think it would be?’ Simon grinned as he grabbed his board again.

‘I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t think in a million years that I’d actually get to the point of being able to stand up on one of these things, though.’

Chapter Sixteen

Jessie glanced at hermobile. It was Simon. He could make it to the pub quiz that evening. She grinned. The paddleboarding lesson had been fun yesterday and dinner had been lovely. She really felt as though they were getting to know each other.

‘You look happy.’

Jessie looked up from her phone and grinned at Wendy. ‘Yes. It was Simon. He can come to the pub tonight.’

‘Great.’ Wendy raised her eyebrow. ‘Things are going well between you two, then? If the grin you get every time he messages you is anything to go by, anyway.’

Slipping her mobile underneath the notebook lying on the desk in front of her, Jessie smiled. She was glad she’d decided to start using her mobile again. It had been nice to be able to message each other. She was still staying off social media, but even that didn’t feel as though it would bother her very much anymore. Things between her and Simon were going really well, even if it was extremely early days. Even if it didn’t work out though, she was beginning to realise there was more to life than her and Brad’s past relationship. It was possible to find someone who actually wanted to be with her, to spend time with her, and, just as importantly, who she wanted to spend time with too. Social media could throw her the pictures of happy couples, the baby scans, Kelly’s baby scan even, and that would be just fine. ‘Yes, things are going well.’

‘That’s great to know. Not that you needed to have bothered answering. It’s written all over your face.’ Wendy laughed.

Patting her cheeks, Jessie laughed too. ‘Is it that obvious?’

‘Just slightly. If it’s any consolation, it’s blatantly obvious on Simon’s part, too. That’s a good thing, though. There are no games.’

‘What do you mean, it’s obvious on Simon’s part?’ She thought she knew what Wendy meant, but what if she’d misunderstood?

‘How he feels about you. He shows it in his face. The first thing Chris said to me when we walked out of the farmhouse was that he was sure something was going on between you two.’

‘Really? It’s that obvious?’

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