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‘Yes, thanks, Elsie.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Don’t mention it. Just eat up and enjoy the evening. That’s all the thanks I need.’ Elsie picked up the remote control. ‘Now, what film are we going to watch?’

‘Ooh, how about that one with Sandra Bullock? You know the one where she and Nicole Kidman are witches?’ Diane stabbed her fork towards the TV.

‘I love that one!’ Paige grinned.

‘Okay. The witchy one. Everyone in agreement?’ Elsie looked around the room before clicking the film on.

Chapter Twenty Two

‘Oh dear.’ Elsie tappedher mobile against her palm.

‘Is everything okay?’ Teresa slapped the bread dough in the tin and looked across the steel table at Elsie.

‘Heidi and Brooke have both rung in sick. They reckon it must have been something they ate last night.’

‘Oh no. Are they okay?’ Jessie looked up from the cupcakes she’d been icing.

‘They say they are. Still, I’ll give them both a call at lunchtime, see if they want me to take them some lunch over. They think it was that new restaurant. The one opposite the cinema.’

‘Oh yes. There have been some dodgy reviews on social media about that.’ Picking up the loaf tins, Teresa took them to the oven at the back of the kitchen. ‘We can close up the coffee and cake counter and I can help behind the bakery counter.’

‘Yes, yes. I think that’s what we’ll have to do. I can jump behind there too, but with it still being prime tourist season, we’re going to need to do a fair amount of baking during the day.’ Elsie pulled a clean bowl from the cupboard.

‘I don’t mind helping behind the bakery counter. We’ve only got one meeting today and before that, we were sorting out supplies and things. I’m sure Wendy won’t mind sparing me.’ Jessie refilled her piping bag.


‘Yes, I’m pretty sure we’ve only got one meeting today.’

‘That would be amazing. Thank you, Jessie. That will mean we’ll be able to keep the coffee and cake area open for most of the day. Thank you, love.’

‘That’s fine.’ Jessie smiled. She was surprised by how much she was enjoying helping Wendy plan the weddings, but Diane, Heidi and Brooke always seemed happy serving customers and it would be quite nice to get to know some of the locals, too.

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