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‘That won’t be a problem. Wendy has everything under control. She’d guide you.’ Elsie pulled a large chocolate cake towards her and began icing it, alternating swirls of vanilla and chocolate icing across the surface. ‘Of course, if you’d rather, you can help out behind the bakery counter. Diane and Brooke work behind there, and we have Heidi for another week before she leaves to start her new job. I’m sure one of them wouldn’t mind going across and helping Wendy. It’s entirely up to you, love.’

Looking down at the black hairband around her wrist, she wrapped it around her finger before looking back across at Elsie. Elsie had been more than accommodating, welcoming her first for the dinner last night and then juggling things so she could move in and start volunteering a week earlier than she’d arranged, Jessie couldn’t ask her to swap the other members of staff around. No, it was Jessie’s turn to be accommodating. ‘Wedding planning sounds fun.’

‘Okay, great. That’s decided then. You can fill in for Molly. Wendy will be pleased.’ Grinning, Elsie repositioned the cake so she could ice the back of it.

‘Great. Looking forward to it.’ Gripping her coffee mug tighter, she swallowed. She’d make it work. She’d put the past behind her and make it work. It wasn’t for long, anyway. A few weeks.

Chapter Five

Twisting, Wendy reachedbehind her and pulled a large sheet of cardboard decorated with photographs, sketches and magazine cut-outs before laying it on the desk in front of them. ‘So, what do you think?’

Jessie glanced at the photographs of pink roses, the sketches of a beach and archway, the numerous magazine cut-outs depicting wedding dresses—no discernible difference between either of them—and nodded. ‘Umm, it’s nice.’

‘That’s the mood board for the couple coming in for our first meeting of the day. Evelyn and Finley. We’ve only had a couple of meetings before with them. An initial one to get a feel for the type of wedding they’re looking for and to ask them to compose a mood board and then the last meeting when we had an initial discussion about the ideas presented here.’

‘So, you’ve not started planning their wedding yet?’

‘No, not yet. Today we’re going to look around some venues. Once we’ve decided on the venue, then the other decisions will be easier to make.’

Jessie looked back down at the pictures in front of her. ‘They want a beach wedding?’

‘Yes, that’s right. Molly has lined up three places for us to visit today. The first one being Daisy and Ollie’s restaurant. They might have spoken about their restaurant last night at the lighthouse?’

‘Yes.’ Jessie nodded. Daisy had said something about her and Ollie running a restaurant in the bay. She hadn’t mentioned they took bookings for weddings, though.

‘And then there’s a couple of hotels a bit further out of the bay.’

‘Right. Okay.’ So, they were going to spend the morning walking around wedding venues then. Jessie ran her finger across the hairband on her wrist. It would be fine. She’d be fine. It had been almost a year since she and Brad had been doing the same thing together. She should be over it by now.

‘They’re going to meet us here and then we’ll head to Daisy and Ollie’s restaurant. After that, though, would you mind driving Elsie’s car, please? It’s just I’ve got to scoot straight off after the last venue tour as I need to pick Hudson up from the childminder and take him to the doctors’.’

‘Oh right. Yes, that’s fine. As long as it’s okay with Elsie? And that I’ll be insured?’

‘Great thanks. Yes, I’ve cleared it with Elsie.’


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