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The emphasis onallmade her sensitive tummy muscles quiver. ‘What,’ she asked, her alarm shifting up a gear as he framed her face with his hands, ‘are you doing?’ Silly question—it was pretty obvious what he was doing.

The kiss was long and hard and depleted her of any final remnants of resistance. ‘I am making it official,’ he rasped throatily, before picking her up and sitting her on the desk, then slowly pushing her back until she lay there watching through half-closed eyes as he threw his tie across the room.

‘What if someone comes in?’ As resistance went it was pretty half-hearted.

‘If you even notice,cara, I will be deeply insulted.’

Her breath quickened. ‘You make a lot of assumptions...’

He gave a wolfish grin, oozing arrogance from every perfect pore as he planted a hand flat on the wooden surface either side of her face. ‘I don’t think it is anassumption—’ she whimpered low in her throat as his scorching lips moved up the column of her neck ‘—to say that we definitely do not need a rule book in our bedroom.’


MAYASMILED,ANDAlow husky laugh vibrated in her throat as her fingers tangled in the dark hair of the man whose head lay nestled between her breasts in the bed she had shared with him for the last two weeks.

‘What are you laughing at?’

‘You... No, not really,’ she added quickly. It was just she had never imagined that sex could involve humour.

The depth of the sharp soul-piercing tenderness she felt for Samuele was something she had never dreamt of either. As for the desperate raw passion he could awaken in her, she sometimes didn’t even recognise herself in the woman she became in his arms.

His head lifted, his dark heavy-lidded eyes still slumbrous from their recent lovemaking.

‘I just remembered you saying we didn’t need a rule book in the bedroom.’ She gave a languid sigh as he slid his way up her body until their faces were level.

‘I remember that too.’

Samuele could count on one hand the times he had spent more than one night with the same woman, because the next night would have been much the same and, put quite simply, he had a low boredom threshold.

He had heard it suggested that he was attracted by the thrill of the hunt but in reality there rarely had been a hunt. He didn’t make the mistake of putting that down to his own irresistibility; he believed women were attracted by what he represented to them, which was money, power and his supposedly glamorous lifestyle.

He looked at the lovely face inches from his own, no make-up, hair wild, flushed cheeks. No two nights were the same with Maya; her glorious lack of inhibition, her innate sensuality and the fact she gave everything of herself every single time they made love made her the sexiest woman he could ever have imagined.

He quite simply could not get enough of her. His idea of heaven was being stranded on a desert island and having her five times a day, but even that wouldn’t be enough; where Maya was concerned, he’d discovered he was insatiable.

‘You taste of me,’ he said, dipping his tongue into the warmth of her mouth.

‘You taste so good too,’ she husked against his lips, meeting his tongue with her own.

Sometimes during moments like this Maya could hardly believe the level of intimacy between them, and how natural, howrightit all felt.

‘I should get up,’ she said, not moving.

‘You’re still worried about tonight?’

Samuele felt a by now familiar surge of tenderness as she grimaced and gave a little shrug. Maya never went for the sympathy vote.

‘Don’t be,cara,’ he said, pulling himself into a sitting position and dragging a hand through his tousled hair.

‘Easy for you to say—you’re used to being stared at.’And lusted after, she added silently as her eyes followed the liquid glide of perfectly formed muscles under golden skin as he stretched hugely.

‘And you’re not?’ There was a lack of vanity and then there was blindness. ‘You must know that you are an incredibly beautiful woman and you certainly don’t dress to be invisible.’ He sensed her stiffening and tagged on quickly, ‘Which is good—I really like your sense of style.’

‘I don’t want my self-worth to be based on the way I look, Samuele, because looks fade.’

‘I think you have a few years left yet,’ he teased, taking pleasure just from studying the delicate lines of her face. It was young and smooth now but, gifted with a bone structure like hers, experience and time would only enhance what she had.

She flashed him a quick glance from under her lashes before looking away and muttering, ‘I was invisible once.’

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