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“A dog.” I let out a sigh. “Hopefully, I’ll survive the next three years, and once I’m settled down in my own place, I’ll get one.”

“You’ll survive,” he murmurs. Viktor gestures to something behind me, and I glance over my shoulder. One of the guards steps out of the shadows next to the mansion, and my lips part on a gasp.

Instantly, I’m overcome with emotion at the sight of the Labrador puppy in the guard’s arms.

“She’s yours,” Viktor says.

Slowly, I get up, the pizza forgotten. With my eyes glued on the golden bundle, my chin starts to tremble from the happiness hitting me in the chest.

The guard sets her down, and I inch closer until I can crouch in front of her. She scoots closer, cautiously sniffing my hand, which smells like pizza. When her little tongue darts out and licks my finger, laughter bubbles over my lips.

“Hi,” I whisper.

She looks up at me with huge brown eyes, and I instantly fall in love. Careful not to hurt her, I pick her up and cradle her against my chest.

“Hi, beautiful.” She licks my jaw, drawing more laughter from me. I turn around and ask, “What’s her name?”

“You need to give her one,” Viktor answers, his voice sounding hoarse.

My eyes dart to his face. “You didn’t name her?”

He shakes his head. “She’s your birthday gift, Little Rose. You get to name her.”

He got me a dog.

Overcome with emotions I’m far from ready to feel, I stare at him until my puppy licks my jaw again.

I lower my gaze to her and can’t help but smile. “Hi, Luna.”

I press my face into her fur and struggle to keep the tears at bay.

“You need to train her. I don’t want her ripping my house to shreds, and if I step in shit, all hell will break loose.”

A burst of laughter explodes from me. “I’ll take good care of her.”

Viktor gets up and comes to rub her head. Our eyes lock, and I’m unable to stop myself from saying, “Thank you. She’s perfect.”

His eyes warm with an emotion I pretend not to notice as he whispers, “Just like her mother.”

Suddenly he walks back into the house. “I got pee pads, toys, and food. She needs to get her vaccination shots. The first one is scheduled for tomorrow.”

I stare at Viktor as he brings bags into the living room, feeling a little amazed.

He didn’t have to do anything, yet he tried to make my birthday special.

Don’t, Rosalie.

Wanting to enjoy my first moments with Luna, I gather the bags in one hand and head up the stairs. When I’m in my bedroom, I kick the door shut and sit down on the floor with Luna between my legs.

“God, you’re so cute,” I coo as I rub her head and press kisses to her fur. “I’m going to love you with all of my heart.”

Emptying the bags, I take the bowls out and quickly fill one with water. When I set it down, it takes a good ten minutes of coaxing before Luna drinks some.

I pet her head. “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to everything soon.”

Just like I have to.

Overcome with emotion, I gather her against my chest and let the tears fall.

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