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She must have been his ex-girlfriend. I smiled then and came around the corner to see Ben removing the girl’s arms from his waist.

“Burgers are done,” I said.

Brooke spun her head around to look at me. She was pretty, but she stared at me with daggers in her eyes. She turned back to Ben, grabbed one of the bottles of beer from his hand, and walked past me with her nose up in the air. Ben rolled his eyes and breathed a heavy sigh.

“Sorry for intruding, Ben,” I said as I put the plate of burgers on the counter.

“It’s ok. You weren’t intruding. I’m glad you showed up.” He handed me the other bottle of beer. “That was Brooke, my ex-girlfriend. Someone else must have invited her. I sure didn’t.”

“Oh,” I said as I smiled on the inside knowing she was an ex and not a current girlfriend.

He leaned up against the kitchen counter and folded those muscular arms that I wanted to feel around me. “She said she wanted to get back together, but it was over about a year ago. There was just nothing there and we had nothing in common. She’s too high maintenance and it’s all about appearances with her. I’d do my best to please her, it was never good enough.”

Listening to Ben open up to me about a past relationship was making my heart melt for him. “Well, there are always good things to come out of a breakup. You know what you want and don’t want in a girlfriend right?”

The side of his mouth lifted. “You’re not only cute as fuck, but you’re smart too,”

Those blue eyes and that sexy smirk of his made my knees weak.

Chapter 6


TheFallseasoncameand on Sundays, I’d have a house full of guys watching football. They’d wear their favorite team jerseys, drink beer, and scarf down pizza and wings like a bunch of fucking savages. We’d shout, cuss or groan at my sixty-inch flat-screen TV, depending on which team was winning or losing with field goals, touchdowns, and penalties. Some Sundays Madi came over and hung out and I’d teach her about football, the teams, and how it was played.

It was Saturday night and Travis with a few other guys were at my house to watch a major UFC fight when Madi’s name lit up my phone. When I answered it, I could barely hear her with all the noise in the background and she sounded like she’d been drinking.

“Where are you?” I asked her.

“I’m at the bar named after me, Madison’s Food and Spirits. I drinking away my sorrows.”

“Are you alone?” I asked, hoping she was with her friend Carly.

“Well yeah!” She giggled and had hiccups. “I wasn’t supposed to be though… I got stood up.”

She was out on a date?A pang of worry and jealousy came over me and I clenched my jaw. “I’m coming over there to get you.”

“But – “

“Don’t move and don’t get in your car Madi. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

The final UFC fight match just began when I grabbed my keys and told Travis I was heading out to pick up Madi.

When I parked and entered the crowded bar area of Madison’s, I spotted Madi right away. She sat at the bar wearing a sexy short light purple dress and black heels. Some douche bag was sitting beside her. He just slid a full cocktail glass to Madi and I felt like smashing his face in.

I moved fast, weaving through the crowd to stand behind him. “Hey asshole, that’s my wife you just slid that drink to.”

He turned around, his eyes all bloodshot, and raised up his hands. “Sorry dude. Didn’t know”. He stood from a barstool and staggered away.

I planted myself on it and looked at Madi. Her eyes were glazed over.

“Hi, Benjamin!” She said, then leaned back and almost fell off her stool.

I reached over and pulled her back to me. “Whoa there Madi. What happened? Who stood you up?”

She shook her head, her brows scrunched “Oh just Alex. He works in sales for a secure… security systems company. I work in the same building as him.”

I felt anger rise inside me. “Is he your boyfriend? He sure sounds like a loser to me for standing you up.”

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