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Copyright 2019 by Linny Lawless

All rights reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, brands, and incidents are the product of my imagination and used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or establishments, is solely coincidental.

This book contains mature content and is intended for adults 18+ only.

Model: Simon

Photography: Paul Henry Serres

Cover Design: Cosmic Letterz Design Cover Design

Editing and Proofreading: Mitzi Carroll

Personal Assistants: Mikki Thomas and Kristin Youngblood


Torque,theownerofHardcore Cycles is only focused on one thing, the V-twin engines that come into his shop. There's no time for women or love; that is, until Ronnie, a raven-haired beauty comes into his sights. When the biker beauty needs help, Torque's primal instincts kick in, and there’s no stopping him when it comes to protecting the woman he loves.

Chapter 1


“ButUncleTorque,IHAVE to go on this camping trip! Todd is going too!” Kacy whined as she batted her doe eyes at me.

Kacy was my only niece. I loved her and still saw her as a baby wearing pink dresses and pigtails. “Who the fuck is this Toad, dude?”

“His name is Todd, and you shouldn’t say the F word, Uncle Torque.”

“Shit. Not like you haven’t heard the word fuck before. You’re only seventeen! Does your dad know you’re going on this so-called camping trip with dudes?”

“I’ll be a senior in high school and in three months I’ll be eighteen! My friend Trisha’s parents are going to chaperone. And yes, Mom and Dad know and they’re okay with it.” Kacy stood behind the counter of my bike shop pouting with her arms folded—just like the typical teenager.

Bargaining with a teenager who’s filled with raging hormones was like bashing your head against a brick wall, over and over again.

I shook my head and cracked my knuckles. “Well, this Toad better keep his hands to himself, or he won’t have any handsora dick to play with, for that matter!”

Kacy’s brows shot up as her jaw dropped. “Wow! There is just no filter with you! Please? Can I clock out early tomorrow?”

“What time?”


I grumbled, “Okay. But you clock in at eight a.m. sharp! Understand, Kacy?”

She jumped, wrapping her arms around me. “Thank you, Uncle Torque! You’re the coolest boss ever!”

“And the coolest uncle ever, too.” Just then the sound of Harley pipes drew my attention to the front window of my bike shop.

I knew it was a Sportster just by the sound of the pipes. Then I saw the chick’s legs. Drop-dead, sexy legs straddling the bike. “Holy. Fuck.” I moved away from Kacy, stepping up to the window.

My eyes were fixated on those gorgeous legs, to the faded jean shorts and delectable ass. She wore black lace-up ankle boots and a thick long ponytail of jet-black hair. She parked the bike, and when she swung her leg over to climb off, I got a good view of the bodacious cleavage she sported in a tight purple tank top.

“Go do work, Kacy,” I grumbled as my legs moved and led me outside to greet the raven-haired biker chick.

She pulled off her helmet as I managed to keep my tongue in my mouth. “It’s not a good idea to wear shorts like those on a bike, darlin’. They’re a distraction and a hazard to other drivers.”

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