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Bearandhisclub,Hellion MC is in a bloody war with their enemy – the Cutthroats MC. They decide to patch over with the Berzerkers MC to strengthen their numbers and take down their enemy. Before the pact is made, Bear runs into Holly. She’s naïve and pure - a breath of fresh air to a dangerous man like him. And she’s off-limits since her brother, Diezel, is the Berzerkers President. But Bear crosses that line and claims Holly for himself, even if Diezel wants him dead.

Author's Note

Thisstory’ssettingisin the mid-1980s, before cell phones, texting, the internet, social media, and flat-screen TVs. The world changed with MTV when music was listened to on cassette tapes, and pagers and payphones were the quickest way to communicate, other than handwritten letters. The decade when bikers rode Shovelheads, Panheads, and Knuckleheads. The decade when mainstream society saw the man with long hair, covered in tattoos, and riding a Harley as the one percenter, the outlaw.

“Theenemyofmyenemy is my friend…”

Ancient Proverb


Hellion MC, Petersburg Chapter

Cain – President

Rex – Vice President

Bear – Sgt. at Arms

Berzerkers MC – Richmond, VA Chapter

Diezel – President

Jagger – Vice President

Mace – Sgt. at Arms

Berzerkers MC – Baltimore, MD Chapter

Stryker – President

Rubik – Vice President

Squatch – Sgt. at Arms

Chapter 1


Ilivedwithmymama and pops, in a small town called Oakwood, right on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia. They owned a small general store, McCrae’s that was handed down from my great grandfather on my father’s side of the family. I loved my parents, and they were always good to me. I helped them at the general store since I was in high school.

My brother, on the other hand, was the one who was sometimes a bane to my father. He was five years older than me, the black sheep, getting into fights in school with other boys. He was very protective of me ever since I was a little girl. Everyone in our town and around Richmond knew my brother, Duncan, or Diezel as he was called by his club. He was the President of the Berserkers, MC. But not many knew I was his baby sister, and I was good with keeping it that way. He shielded me from his life in the club and from his “brothers.”

I was twenty-five and a grown woman. I needed to live my life and date nice guys, but it wasn’t easy when Duncan acted as if he had any say in who I dated or what I did.

It was a hot and muggy Sunday morning when I slammed the yellow telephone receiver back on the base on the kitchen wall. I was dumped again. This time it was Jimmy, another nice guy whom I’d only been dating for a month. I should have known the night before when he stood me up for our date. I called him that morning before I headed in to open the store.

“You’re a happenin’, babe, real cool…but…well…” Jimmy’s voice sounded strained.

“But well what, Jimmy?” I gripped the phone receiver tightly with anxiety.

“Your brother Diezel. You never told me he was the President of the Berserkers MC!”

I groaned. “Yeah, well, you never asked. What did my dear brother say to you?”

“Not much, only that if he saw me with you, he’s going to cut my damn balls off!”

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