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I had never ridden on a motorcycle before. They looked so dangerous, they were loud, and the men who rode them looked dangerous too.

Chapter 2


Cindywassogoddamn adorable! And I would’ve bet my next paycheck she was still a virgin. She didn’t give off the same vibe as her friend Angie. She would’ve been eaten alive if I had left her alone backstage. She looked innocent and naïve, and I wanted her all to myself.

I hauled my guitar and equipment into the back of Toby’s van parked outside in front of the club. Cindy stood on the curb, her hands gathered in front of her. She fidgeted and weaved a little. I could tell she’d drank way too many beers and had a buzz from all the weed we smoked backstage.

The last drunk stragglers stumbled out the front door of the club, hollering and laughing. Someone smashed a bottle on the concrete causing Cindy to jump and spin around. I came up behind her and leaned down next to her ear. “It’s ok. Just a bunch of amped up headbangers.”

She twisted back around to the sound of my voice. And a little too quick, because she stumbled into me. I braced her by the arms, “Whoa. You ok?”

She blinked a few times, “Yes. Sorry. I think I drank a little too much.”

I couldn’t stop myself. I lifted her chin up and kissed her. She moaned and draped her arms over my shoulders. My tongue plunged in between her soft lips, flicking and exploring hers. I reached down and cupped both her ass cheeks. So soft. My dick was suddenly hard as a rock!

I pulled back and looked into her glossy eyes, “Are you a virgin?”

She stepped back as the bright blue neon Stingrays sign out front shut off. Toby, Jimmy, and Zeek, with his arm draped over Angie, were the last to amble out of the nightclub.

“Eric! Man! That was a righteous gig!” Zeek was high. “Dude, we’re going back to your pad to party. Snort some, smoke some. Meet us there, right?”

I didn’t want to snort some or smoke some. I wanted to be alone with Cindy. I took her hand and led her away. I waved back at Zeek and the guys, “Nah, man. Go on ahead. I’m taking Cindy for a ride.”

She stopped, and her hand slipped out of mine. “I’ve never been on a motorcycle, Eric.” She was so cute!

“It’s like riding a bicycle. When I lean, you lean. Not that hard. And I’ll take care of the rest.” I offered her my hand again.

I was relieved to find my bike parked in the same spot I left it, and in one piece. You never knew what could happen on a crazy Saturday night on the coast. My bike was an old Harley Sportster, painted cherry red with leather fringes hanging off the ends of the handlebars. I climbed on, pulled out my shades, and handed them to Cindy. “Go ahead and put these on. I got another pair.” I pulled those out of my tool bag that was tied to the handlebars.

I kicked my stand up and started the bike. The pipes roared to life. I twisted the throttle a few times and smiled at Cindy, “Ok, climb on behind me and plant your feet up on those pegs back there.”

Even though this was her first time on a bike, she was a natural. I felt her weight behind me and she planted her feet on the pegs. “Now, wrap your arms around me and hold on, Cindy. Tight.” My dick became rock hard rock again, feeling her warm soft hands as they pressed against my stomach.

“I’m scared I might fall off!” She squeaked against the back of my neck.

I chuckled, “No way, babe. Not gonna happen. Not when you’re with me. Now let’s ride.” I didn’t want to scare her, so I kept it at the speed limit. She clung to me, her thighs gripping my hips. I turned my head toward her, “Relax. You’ll enjoy it.”

Chapter 3


Blurredstreaksofbrightred, blue, green, and pink whipped before my eyes. The humid wind pushed against us both. I kept my cheek against Eric’s back and caught his scent of sweat and cigarettes. I felt all the vibrations from the seat against the back of my thighs and my butt. I was both frightened and aroused all at the same time, as the tingling sensations ran throughout my body. My hands felt Eric’s warm, hard abs over his T-shirt and my inner thighs hugged his hips.

He rode us down the main highway, along the coastline. The thunder of the bike’s pipes was all I could hear, along with the rushing wind whipping against my ears. His left hand covered both of mine, and he turned his head toward me, “You like this don’t you?”

“Yes! I do! It makes me feel free!” I hollered back. He chuckled and twisted the throttle again.

He pulled into a parking lot along the beach. Planting his boots down, he shut off the bike. “Now all you gotta do is bring your leg up behind you and climb off.” I did just that, it was easier than I thought it would be, then he climbed off.

I was breathing fast. Tears ran from the corner of my eyes. I still had his sunglasses on, and it was dark. I couldn’t see his eyes, but suddenly he snatched me up and planted his lips on mine. I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders. His hands roamed down my back as his tongue invaded my mouth and wrestled with mine. Then he gripped my butt and pulled me even closer to him.

I couldn’t breathe. My heart raced. I was dizzy. My knees buckled. But he held me up, “I got you, babe.”

I leaned away and moved out of his space, “Just because I rode on your bike doesn’t mean I’m going to have sex with you!” I wanted to sound assertive, but my voice was squeaky like a mouse.

He chuckled, and took a few steps toward me, “Well, when you ride on a dude’s bike that’s the deal you make, Cindy. No butt? Then no putt. It’s a biker thing, babe.”

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