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“Yeah.” He seemed annoyed as his brows furrowed. He flipped open a Zippo and lit the end of my cigarette. With my first inhale, I suddenly coughed out the nasty smoke.

He smirked. “Knew you didn’t smoke. Thanks for the drink. It’d be best for you to turn around and flutter back over to your bimbo friends.”

His gruff voice sent a tingle straight to my nipples, along with a flush of heat. I was so embarrassed at that moment—the way he just brushed me off like he was swatting a fly away.

I smashed the cigarette into the ashtray next to his beer and cleared my throat “I made a bet with mybimbofriends that I could get you alone in the women’s bathroom. But I guess you’re not into girls.”

His big, paw-like hand grasped my arm as I turned to walk away, “You’re a mouthy little chick, and brave too. But one day you might regret picking up on men like me.”

His big hand was warm on my skin. “You don’t scare me. I’ve been around guys like you.”

He let go. “Okay, then. I’ll help you win that bet. Go into the bathroom, and I’ll follow you.”

My heart skipped a beat when I looked over at Crystal and Emily and made my way down the hall to the women’s bathroom. There were only two stalls, and both were empty, thank goodness. I jumped when he entered only a few seconds after me. Even though I was a bit taller in my heels, the man still towered over me as he closed the door and turned the lock.

I stepped back. He took a few steps toward me. His brow wasn’t furrowed with annoyance anymore. But the look in his eyes was that of a predator ready to pounce on his prey.

He reached down, unbuckling his belt. “Are ya ready for me, Blondie?”

My back bumped against the wall, and I couldn’t move. “Wh-What’s your name?” I stammered.

He stepped even closer and pressed his hands on the wall, blocking me from getting away.

“Call me Bear.” His voice was a deep rumble.

I squeaked out a high-pitched moan when his mouth clamped onto mine. His tongue pushed through my lips, devouring me. I lost control of my own body and the sexual urge made my arms wrap around his broad shoulders.

He pushed his hips, and I felt his hardness pressed into my stomach. His hand snaked up into my hair and pulled, his tongue diving deeper into my mouth. I suddenly became afraid and gasped.

He pulled away and let go of his grip. “You’re scared.”

I cleared my throat, feeling the blush rising to my cheeks. But I couldn’t speak.

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” He stepped back. “Wait ten minutes, then leave. Tell your friends you win the bet.”

He unlocked the door and left.

Chapter 2


Isatatthebar and waited until the little blonde chick came walking out of the bathroom. She went and sat back at her table, avoiding any eye contact with me. The three of them finished their blue-colored drinks, paid their tab and hurried out of the bar. I walked out after, swung a leg over my shovelhead, and twisted the throttle, burning rubber out of the pub’s parking lot. I was a member of Hellion MC and held the officer rank of Sgt. at Arms. Our center patch was the head of a horned demon. But I left my rags at home back in Petersburg and rode through the city of Richmond on my way for a secret meet with Mace. He was Sgt. at Arms of the Berzerkers MC, Richmond Chapter. And he was also my cousin.

But the cute little blonde chick had my dick hard and my head all muddled the fuck up. The rush of air pushing against me as I rode helped clear my mind. I planted my boots down and parked the bike next to Mace’s in a dark, vacant parking lot along the bank of the James River. Mace stood, with his back turned, next to some trash dumpsters, taking a piss.

“You’re fucking late, asshole,” he called out.

I kicked the stand down, climbed off the bike, and took off my lid. “I’m on time, asshole.”

I pulled out a rolled-up joint and lit it, remembering the blonde again, as she coughed on the first drag of her cigarette.

Mace approached. “I’ll give you five minutes. I got things to do; bitches to fuck.”

I took in a nice, long hit off the joint and passed it to Mace. “Need you to talk to Diezel. My Prez, Cain, wants to have a meet.”

“What the fuck for? The Hellions got their gig in Petersburg. Berzerkers control all of Richmond.”

He took a deep hit on the joint, burning most of it down and passing it back. “Yeah, we have for a long time. But another club is picking a fight with us that’s going to turn into an all-out war. They call themselves the Crazed Cutthroats. We call them the Crazed Cunts. Their Prez Axel is trying to push us out. Some of them roughed up a few of our club whores, who push our drugs and sell pussy.”

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