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When I climbed off the bike, Diezel landed a good hard punch to my jaw. I didn’t blame him. I would’ve done the same.

Holly screamed and clung to me again as Mace and Jagger held Diezel back, moving him a few feet away. I wrapped an arm around her. “Two Cutthroats came into your store aiming to take your sister, but I killed them both.”

There was only that berserk look of rage in Diezel’s eyes. “They’re fucking dead! All of them! Dead!”

“The lights are out and the store is locked up. Those bodies are leaking blood all over the place.”

“I’ll take care of it, Diezel,” Mace said. “I’ll call up the prospect, get him to help clean up the mess.”

I looked down at the top of Holly’s head. She was so small, and after what she’d just endured, she felt so fragile too. I lifted her chin up so I could see her face in the dark. Her eyes were puffy from crying.

“I don’t want to be here. Will you take me home?” she whispered.

“Stay the fuck away from her, Hellion!” Diezel was ready to blow a fuse.

Holly moved, stepping up to Diezel, her hands balled into fists. “I was almost killed! Where were you, brother? Where were you when one of them raped me on the store counter? Bear was there. And he saved my life tonight. So, no, he’s not staying the fuck away from me. He’s taking me home.”

I parked the bike in the driveway of Holly’s parent’s house. The front porch light was on, but the rest of the house was dark. She climbed off and folded her arms, staring at the house. “My parents aren’t home. I can’t be alone, Bear. Will you come in with me?”

I kicked the stand down and climbed off, taking her hand. “Lead the way, darlin’.”

Holly left her car, purse, and keys at the store, but she pulled out a house key that was hidden under the doormat. I followed her inside as she turned on a light in the living room and sat on the couch while she took a shower. A few minutes later, she came into the living room wearing a pink robe. Her long, blonde hair was still wet, but combed out and drops of water splattered the front of her robe.

She sat down next to me and started to rock back and forth. “I feel dirty. I can’t get him off me, no matter how much soap I use or how hard I scrub my skin.”

She sobbed and cried and I scooped her up, placed her on my lap, and held her. “He’s dead. Gone forever. And he’ll never hurt you again.”

“Who were they?”

“It’s club business. I’m Sgt. at Arms for my club, the Hellions MC, and our territory is Petersburg. Those were members of the Cutthroats MC and we’re at war with them. We respect your brother’s club. Mace is my cousin, and he’s your brother’s Sgt. at Arms. Now the Cutthroats are moving up here to Richmond and are aiming to take out your brother’s club. And the first place they hit is what matters to him most—you. Even this is more than you should know.”

“But you saved me,” she whispered.

“Sometimes I get these vibes. Some are good, some are bad. The Hellions and Berzerkers had an officer meet tonight. But that’s when I got a bad vibe and it brought me to you. I split off from Cain and Rex and made my way to the store. And I’m sorry. I should have been there sooner. Before that Cutthroat hurt you.”

“How do you know my name?”

“Cain, my Prez, told me.”

Holly looked up. “Thank you, Bear.”

I grazed my thumb along her bottom lip and leaned down to kiss her.

Chapter 5


Ismelledleatherandmy eyes fluttered open. My cheek rested on Bear’s chest and my arm was draped over his waist. His huge arm was wrapped around me. We had fallen asleep on the couch together, my body nestled up against his.

His body shifted as he groaned and stretched. “I haven’t slept like that in a long time.”

Bear had those sleepy eyes, which made him look more like a teddy bear than a grizzly, sending warm flutters in my stomach.

I sat up and realized the front of my robe was open. Bear was wide awake now, staring at my bared breasts. I gasped, fumbling with the front of my robe to close it, and felt a warm blush creeping up from my chest to my cheeks. He smirked but didn’t say anything and stood from the couch.

He shrugged his shoulders to straighten out his rags. “I gotta go. Stay home, Holly. And don’t go near the store for a few days.”

I climbed off the couch and pressed my cheek on his chest, already missing his warmth. “When will I see you again?”

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