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“I’m taking Holly with me to the hospital first, then I’m on my way to the clubhouse.”

“What’s wrong?” Holly whispered as I hung up the phone.

I cupped her cheek. “It’s your brother, Holly. He’s at the hospital. The Cutthroats shot at him and Mace last night.”

“Oh, my God, no!” she screamed and started to sob uncontrollably.

I held her tightly, trying to shield her from pain and shock. “It’ll be okay. Your brother is a Berzerker, and he’s gonna pull through. I’ll ride you to the hospital to be with him first before I head over to the clubhouse.”

Chapter 11


ThehospitalcalledMomand Pops, and they were already there when I arrived with Bear. My mom was a wreck as she sobbed while I hugged and comforted her. Bear left me with my parents to find Mace, who was getting checked out in the emergency room.

Moments later, Bear came into the waiting room and told us what had happened. Both Duncan and Mace were riding on their bikes back to Richmond from the patch-over party. A van with two men pulled up beside them as they slowed down at a traffic light on Route 301. The man in the passenger side of the van shot at both of them and a bullet hit Duncan. He went down, and the bike landed on his leg and broke it. Mace went down, too, crashing his bike and falling off. Duncan had a compound fracture to his lower leg and was in surgery to extract the bullet that hit him in the shoulder.

My pops stared him down. “You must be Bear.”

“That’s the name they gave me,” Bear replied.

Pops walked up to him. “Who did this?”

“The Cutthroats MC. The same club who came into your store and attacked Holly.”

Pops eyes gleamed with anger. “You find these men who tried to kill my son. And you kill them.”

“Consider it done. The Berzerkers will wreak havoc and end them before this day is over.”

I rushed into Bear’s arms. “Please come back to me alive. I’m your ol’ lady now. And I’m going to wear your properties.”

He lifted my chin to look into my blue eyes, wet with tears. “I promise.” He held me tightly and kissed me. Then he left and rode to the clubhouse.

Duncan was wheeled out of surgery and into a room several hours later and was a bit drowsy coming off the anesthesia. When he was fully awake, he saw Mom, Pops, Mace, and I gathered around his bed. The surgeon extracted the bullet that struck his shoulder and repaired his broken leg and set it in a full cast up to his groin.

Mace grasped Duncan’s hand. “I didn’t tell the pigs nothin’, and they’ve got their fuckin’ thumbs up their asses. Cain is gathering all our brothers from both chapters now. And we’re towing our bikes back to the clubhouse today.”

Duncan smiled then winced and grunted with pain. “Good. Both our Petersburg and Richmond brothers will deal out Berzerker justice, and seal the fate of the Cutthroats MC. They will no longer exist by the end of the night.”

Mace released Duncan’s hand and left. He reached out to me and I took his hand. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you that night, sis.”

I couldn’t hold back the tears. “I know, Duncan. You’ll always be my big brother, but you can’t protect me 24/7.”

“Yeah. I’m just now trying to get a grip on that. I thanked Bear last night for being there and saving you. I guess I didn’t like the fact that he’s just like me. We have the same outlaw blood running through our veins. He’s a Berzerker brother now. And I’m glad he’s your ol’ man.”

I stayed with Duncan throughout the day, and Mom and Pops went home to get some sleep. I wrapped myself in a blanket the nurse gave me and curled up in a chair beside the window and fell asleep. Rays of sunlight came through the curtains in the room when I heard the hushed voice of the nurse. She failed in her attempts at telling the group of men in Berzerker rags that visiting hours were at 9:00 a.m. So, of course, they came through the door—all of them—Cain, Rex, Bear, Jagger, and Mace.

Duncan opened his eyes to see them all standing around his bed. I pulled the blanket off and jumped on Bear, wrapping my arms around him. I leaned away, and my eyes roamed down his body. There were splatters of blood on his rags. “Is that your blood? Are you hurt?”

The side of his mouth lifted. “No. I’m okay, Holly.”

“What happened?”

“You ask too many questions that won’t get answered for an ol’ lady. This is club business.” He turned me around and smacked my ass. “Now go and get yourself some coffee and leave us alone with Diezel.”

The only thing I was told about that night was that the Cutthroats no longer existed. Bear and the club had taken them all out. Both Petersburg and Richmond were Berzerkers MC territory from then on.


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