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Suddenly I was tongue-tied. And that never happened when I talked chicks. “So, how’s your new job?”

“Good. I’m earning some extra money over the summer before I go back to college.” Her voice lowered to a whisper, “And I can get away from my mom and dad too.”

I chuckled, “Yeah. I guess that can get lame at times. So, are you still a virgin?” I couldn’t help but ask. And I needed to know, my possessive instincts kicking in.

“That’s none of your business. Eric. But yes. I am.”

“You knew I would ask you. Only because you’re not like all the other chicks I know.”

“I know, I know. You like the cool and wild girls. I guess I’m just not cut out to be that type of girl.”

“No. You’re not that type. And that’s what I really like about you.”

“Stop teasing me, Eric, or I’ll hang up!”

“I’m not.” Then I cleared my throat, feeling like a dork, “I can’t stop thinking about you.” I raked a hand through my hair because of the silence from the other end of the phone.

“I think about you too, Eric.” Her voice was soft.

“And I’m sorry I never called before. To be honest, I didn’t think I was your type of guy.”

“That’s ok. Because I didn’t think I was your type of girl either.”

“So, my band has some gigs set up to play near you in DC next month. How about I take you out on a date when I get there?”

“Sure, Eric! But you will have to meet my parents.”

Shit. I didn’t even think about that. “Sure. I’ll meet them. Not sure if they’re going to like what they see. But I’ll get spiffed up. I’ll even get a haircut and cover up the tattoo. For you.”



“No. I want you to be yourself when you meet them.”

“Sure, babe. I can do that too. For you.”

Chapter 5


“Whoishe?”Mom already interrogated me before I even hung up the telephone.

I banged it back onto the wall receiver and turned to her “His name is Eric. I met him in Ocean City. He’s a nice guy and he wants to take me out on a date.”

She folded her arms, “Now, Cindy, you should focus on your college education for the next few years. Don’t get too wrapped up with young boys—”

I huffed, “I’m an adult now, Mom. College is all Ieverfocus on. This is the first time a guy has been interested in me. And not just for sex.”

“Look at how your friend Angie is turning out. She gives it out to every guy she bats her eyes at. She doesn’t care about her future. Or her reputation!”

“Angie is my friend. And that’s her choice how she lives her life. She has way more fun than I do!” I turned to head back upstairs to my room to continue writing the letter I was working on to Eric.

My dad just walked in with his briefcase, his tie loose, dropping his keys on the foyer table. He must have walked in just as I raised my voice to Mom. His brows lifted “I’ll not have some beach bum taking my daughter out on a date. Your mother is right. You focus on college for the next few years. We pay your tuition. What we say goes.”

I was fuming. The difference between how I was treated versus Tommy had weighed heavily for most of my life. “You and Mom are being very unfair to me, Dad. Tommy can come and go as he pleases, not a care for anything, no responsibilities. He doesn’t even have a job!”

“He’s a lost cause. And that may be our fault. But we aren’t making the same mistakes with you, Cindy. It’s harder for women out in the world than it is for men. You need to stay focused on your future, and not get wrapped up with some guy that most likely has no potential!”

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