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“Disobedience? I’m not some pup you have to train. And you can’t discipline me. My own father didn’t discipline me this way, you cavemen. Now let me go.”

He left behind two more extremely hard and very harsh strikes, leaving her crying real tears in its wake.

She had been so focused on the pain she hadn’t stopped to take in the image she portrayed. Bending over a table, with her pants down and her ass in view for his spanking pleasure in the middle of a snow storm.

Her gaze sought out Ryder. He hadn’t risen from the table yet. Instead, he sipped his beer and kept his eyes off her.

While Sawyer continued to redden her ass, easily keeping her pinned down, Karter had taken what looked like a piece of ginger from the fridge.

What on earth?

She tried so hard to divide her attention among all three of them, but she found it harder and harder to do.

Her poor ass had flames sprouting from it she was sure. From Sawyer’s viewpoint behind her, he could see her wet pussy lips and there was nothing she could do to prevent it from showing.

Karter had taken a knife and now sat leisurely peeling the skin of the piece of ginger. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out what he was doing. Surely it had nothing to do with her.

Were they going to make her eat it?

Her fixation on a random piece of ginger was soon outdone when Sawyer increased the rhythm of his strikes. They came down in quicker succession, harder, deeper.

She was reduced to sobbing in quite a pathetic way now. She could hurl no more insults, and had run out of energy to try to escape. She was forced to bear it and that was all she did.

Sawyer came around the table to her. He reached out and took a handful of her hair and pulled. New tears misted her eyes and fell on her cheeks. He had given her a reprieve from the spanking.

“Do you want to tell us you’re sorry?”

“No,” she grunted. Her pride wouldn’t let her.

“Are you sure, little girl?”

“Yes,” she said bravely.Little girl?

They still didn’t know her name. She should have volunteered her name when they did theirs but something held her back. She had wanted them to ask her what her name was. She had no idea why she was so hung up on it. It wasn’t as if she had a really extraordinary name, to begin with.

But she had wanted them to ask what her name was. She wanted them to be curious enough to want to know. The fact that they hadn’t meant she was just a disturbance to the peace and they couldn’t wait to be rid of her.

That made her feel more defiant.

“I will never say I’m sorry because I’m not.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Karter came toward her. She sealed her mouth closed but when he slipped in behind her, she was caught completely off guard.

She tried to twist her body around but was unable to do so, not with Sawyer’s hold still on her hair.

“Eyes on me,” Sawyer said quietly.

But how could she when she didn’t know what was happening behind her?

She froze when Karter's massive hands parted her ass cheeks.

No. No. No.

“Eyes on me, little one.” This time his tone was laced with dominance.

She whimpered, trying to yank herself away from them all. But she kept her gaze fixed on Sawyer.

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