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She looked at them in utter shock.

Why were they doing this to her?

While they were all strangers, she somehow felt closer to Sawyer and Karter. To ask Ryder to remove the ginger from her ass of all places was enough to make her want to sink into the floor and never reemerge.

Every little movement she made ignited a flame inside her. She couldn’t keep the thing in much longer.

She cleared her mind and recited Karter’s and Sawyer’s instructions.

Go to Ryder.

Bend on the chair in front of him.

Pull your pants down.

Ask him to remove the ginger root.

She followed their instructions but by the time she leaned over the chair, presenting her ass to Ryder, the flush in her whole body became too much to bear.

Ryder didn’t like her. Why were they forcing him to touch her?

She closed her eyes. Like Sawyer and Karter he could see everything about her. Her wet swollen pussy, the redness on her ass from her spanking, the ginger root sticking out of her ass.

She couldn’t stand the embarrassment anymore.

“Please remove the ginger root from my... my ass.”

After what seemed to be eons, Ryder finally touched her.

She closed her eyes and daren’t breathe as he glided his fingers over her ass cheeks to the base of the root sticking out of her ass.

He gripped the end and pulled. Heat reactivated inside her and tossed her about in a sea of flames. She clenched so hard she stopped him from removing it and it embarrassed her further when she had to relax.

Her body had suffered such a spectrum of sensation when Ryder pulled out the last part from her ass, her womb tightened and her pussy pulsed and a mortifying orgasm rattled through her. She wanted to die for real.

Not waiting a moment longer, unable to face what she had allowed to happen, she yanked up the pants and ran out of the kitchen.

She didn’t know what had changed but something inside her had.

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