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Harper needed to sit. Her head started to spin and felt as if she were going to throw up. Whatever reservations she’d had about the map, seemed mirrored by their own suspicions. And accusations.

But again why? And what did her father have to do with it? He gave her the map in the first place. Why did it lead her here? To them?


They were getting soft. The decision to go and get thethingsshe so desperately wanted from her car had been a unanimous one. And yes, they were willing to trudge through the fucking snow for her.

Luckily the worst of it hadn’t yet started. They carried a sealed crate with them so her luggage and her things wouldn’t get wet on the way back.

First, they’d had to dig her car out from under a mountain of snow and then they had emptied it of anything personal. They had no idea what she wanted exactly, so they were going to bring everything.


Who had they become?

But when they had arrived back at the cabin and transported her things to the room in which she was still currently fast asleep, Ryder’s gaze had fallen on the map and his blood had run cold.

Sawyer and Karter had the same reaction. Their bodies tensed up and they were immediately on high alert.

Was her name really Harper Swift?

Or was she a spy, luring them out with her sweet, hot, and tight body to gain intelligence on them? But what? They had been out of circulation for years. Or was she an assassin, under the guise of a sweet though feisty girl who could have killed them in their sleep?

Was she the Harper Swift she said she was? They had to know for sure.


Ryder let his gaze fall over the girl before him. It was only the second time they had seen her in proper clothes. His cock hardened at the thought of what lay underneath.

They knew. They had fucked her. But who had they really fucked?

During their time in the private sector, they had amassed a huge amount of enemies. But they had made sure they had tied up all loose ends before retiring for good. Except one.

Harper Swift was seemingly that loose end.

Until they knew exactly who she was, she would be treated like the enemy.

An enemy who had let them take her virginity. Had climaxed for them in the most glorious way imaginable. They hadn’t felt that way about a woman in all their lives. She had crept under their skin with her sweet scent, had made them rock hard with the need to fuck her again until, with all three of their cocks inside her, deep, marring her with their cum so she belonged only to them.

Had that been part of her grand plan if she were working for an enemy of theirs who still held a grudge against them maybe?

Fuck it.

There had been no question she was untouched. If she were anyone other than who she said she was, would she have given up her virginity to them?

The symbol that marked the spot on the map. The image of an ax. That was meant for them. They were known as the lumberjacks. It was their signature when they were private contractors. Only a few were privy to it.

They were done with that life. But they couldn’t let this go. Not when it involved the girl who had upended their lives the instant they set eyes on her.

Why did Harper Swift have a map that led her here, with the symbol that meant death on it?

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