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Arg, she was dressed way too smart for this kind of thing.

The only reason she agreed to come to this rehabilitation center for shopaholics, was to please her father so he wouldn’t withhold her trust fund from her but more importantly a broach that would change her life.

Her father thought she had a problem, but what she had was aplan. He wouldn’t understand. If only she had two more weeks to fly under his radar, until her twenty-third birthday everything would have turned out great.

Oblivious to everything around her and walking with her hands in the air, which were frozen numb, trying to catch her signal, Harper cried out in startled shock when she bumped into a solid rock wall... except it turned out to be a man.

And there was one more and then another of them.

All of them could easily be confused for rock walls, given their size and their scowls... if rock walls could scowl that is.

Chapter Two


Taken by complete surpriseat their appearance, Harper forced herself to jump right back into the situation at hand. But it took her a while longer.

Over six foot five, there was no doubt in her mind about their height, their staggeringly muscular physique could not be hidden under their bulky jackets. Their jeans only accentuated the power in their thighs and the size of their boots made her gulp involuntarily.

They were nothing like the men Harper was used to being around, which were the fully groomed, either suited up or preppy version of men. These men were... powerful. Huge, yes, but rugged, rough, as if they would bow to no man or woman.

Their faces were something else altogether too.

Their beards hardly detracted from the chiseled jawlines each one of them possessed. Hard, perfect symmetry and knee-weakening. Dark eyes, with eyelashes that Harper envied.

Rough, rugged, unmistakably ripped, and remarkably gorgeous, in direct and utter contrast to the pretty boy versions she was used to.

She quickly explained her hardened nipples away as the result of freezing them off. But she couldn’t explain the sudden constricting tightness of her skirt, or more closely the aching wet, the heat between her legs.


That had never happened to her before and boys were always trying to get into her panties and failing.

She had gone off on a useless tangent. Boys or men for that matter were not part of her grand life plans. She didn’t need someone telling her what to do and what not to do.

No freaking way.

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