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1year later

Harper couldn’t stop looking at her husbands. She had just given birth to triplets, all girls, and she often said it was because all three of their cocks were too big which was why had triplets. It wasn’t true but she liked to tease them.

She couldn’t wait to be home with her family. Her perfect family.

Words could not describe her father’s relief when he had been informed of all the latest events, that time a year ago. She still remembered it to this day.

Ryder, Sawyer, and Karter had put on their military, special forces training persona and struck a deal with the Smirnoffs. It had involved a sum of money for her freedom and they refused to tell her how much she had cost them.

They also warned the Smirnoffs that if they stepped out of line where their wife, Harper, was concerned they would be starting a full-out war against Ryder, Sawyer, and Karter.

So far nothing had happened except only goodness. Lots and lots of goodness.

She couldn’t be happier if she tried.


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