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While the bathroom itself spoke of masculinity, she couldn’t stop admiring the woodwork. Cherry wood cabinets, made with a mastery she had not seen before lined the walls of the bathroom. She bent to run her fingers over the engravings, intricate designs that required extra talent and skill.

Everything looked clean and again that word, comfortable.

She dried herself off, used the blow dryer which was attached to the wall to dry her hair, and used their lotion to moisturize her skin.

The clothes were obviously too big. She had to pull the drawstring on the track bottoms so taut she almost knocked herself out in the process. She refused to wear her underwear again, so she washed her panties and her bra and hung them on the towel railing to dry along with her other clothes which were probably ruined for good now.

There was no risk of her luring them to her by displaying her underwear. They clearly didn’t want her here and it was only their conscience that forced them to rescue her.

So no, she had no problem worrying about her modesty here.

Or her virginity.

Chapter Four

No one would ever accuseHarper of being the shy type, so as soon as she was dressed - she didn’t want to think about the image she presented with the ill-fitting clothes, her hair not styled and without a drop of makeup on her face, she stepped out of the bathroom.

The sound of their deep voices, talking softly amongst them reached her ears as she walked toward the kitchen. She had thought the shower would wash away the sudden tenderness that had spread through her whole body, the achy feeling which had started between her thighs and remained there constantly. The wetness there which she couldn’t seem to get rid of no matter how much she tried to rinse it away.

She had never experienced such physiologic reactions before and she didn’t know what to make of it.

But suddenly there wasn’t enough air in the world for her to breathe properly. She couldn’t stop the fluttering of her heart, okay that was putting it mildly. Her heart had passed the stage of flutter and had zoomed in maddening pounding beats that rocked her.

With every glance, their way, the sensations raking through her seemed to magnify until they reached a peak.

She stumbled backward and drew their attention onto her. The shocking discovery that her thighs were slick from the wetness coating the folds of her pussy, would now brush against the fabric of the track bottoms, made her blush furiously.

She was never giving them their clothes back. Not until she had a chance to wash the scent of her wetness off them.

What was she doing? Maybe she had tripped into some twilight zone seeing as how she was acting so out of character.

“Thank you for the use of your shower and your clothes,” she announced as she stepped into the kitchen. They continued to look at her, well except Ryder. The man did not appreciate her presence one bit.

She was about to let her pride talk and tell them it was not like she wanted to be here. They had forced her to come here out of some misplaced valor maybe. But then she looked through the large bay windows in the kitchen and saw the raging snowstorm outside.

She wouldn’t survive that at all.

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