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“It’ll be ten days before the roads are cleared.”

“What? No. Just let me drive out of here. I’ll find a way.”

“No,” Karter said, the finality in his voice so dominant that if she weren’t so offended she would realize that her cheeks had heated up.

“I’m not your responsibility. You are not responsible for me. You don’t even know me.”

“Sit down and finish your meal,” Sawyer said without looking up at her.

“No. I want to leave. Now. If you don’t let me leave right now, it’ll be tantamount to kidnapping."

“Sit down and finish your meal,” Sawyer repeated what he had just said.

“I have to leave, right now.” She couldn’t be here a whole week. There were no shopping malls in sight. The therapy retreat was meant to last one night and then she’d be back in the city. A week in the wilderness was enough to give her hives and she wasn’t prone to experiencing them at all.

“I didn’t ask to be rescued,” she air quoted the wordrescue.“I was perfectly fine on my own. I can read, you know, and I would have taught myself how to change the wheel if I read the manual. But since you forced me here, you have been nothing but rude and grumpy. I don’t want to be here anymore than you want me to be here, so lead me back to my car and let me be. The storm isn’t even that bad yet. You just have to”

“If we have to tell you to sit down and finish your meal one more time, we’re going to bend you over our knees, pull down your pants and redden your stubborn ass with the palms of our hands until you become obedient. Have we made ourselves clear?”

Harper thought she had completely misheard what Karter had said. For some reason, her head swung in the direction of Ryder. He hadn’t said a single word to her and still couldn’t bear to look at her.

Surely they didn’t threaten to spank her. Did they? No, she was imagining things. She hadn’t stepped that far back from civilization, had she? But everything else told her she had.

“No. I will not sit down and eat my meal like a good little girl just because you ordered me to do so. I don’t take instructions from any man and most certainly not from three bullies who—You don’t even know my name. You didn’t even ask me my name”

She had grown desperate. She needed to go back home. She didn’t want to sit down and continue eating as if everything was still fine. It wasn’t her. Her world had fallen apart. She was a hot mess with a shopping addiction that she constantly believed she could turn off whenever she wanted but now she wasn’t so sure.

Which was why she had made her mother’s broach her hard line. No more excuses, no more hiding because she couldn’t find it in herself to lie. But in the meantime, she had disappointed her father so tremendously he had aged before her eyes.

And now these men had dropped into her life and without lifting a finger had turned her world upside and added a larger degree of confusion. They didn’t even like her. Not one tiny bit.

Yet why did they make her feel that way? The odd bomb-ticking sensation captivated her whenever she looked at them. Her body was seemingly enslaved to them, reacting only when they were near when they looked at her and it didn’t matter if it were a smile or a scowl for disrupting their lives.

They didn’t like her.

So no, she didn’t want to sit with them and finish her meal.

But images of her with her pants down being spanked like a child sailed through her mind. More wetness seeped from her folds and coated her inner thighs. Her nipples felt as if they were on fire.

Her whole body had taken on a weird kind of frequency. She pulsed so hard with fear and curiosity and a strange kind of mangled arousal she had never felt before. If she had to put it into three words only, pain and pleasure would be those three words.

Without thinking about her actions, she lifted her plate from the table, held it up, and sans any ceremony dropped the plate to the floor with a shattering bang.

Part of her couldn't believe she had done that. She wasn’t that spoiled. That same part of her wanted to drop to the floor on her knees and clean up the mess she made while apologizing profusely.

This wasn’t who she was. Not how she was raised.

Sawyer and Karter stood up, looming over her, reducing the vast size of the kitchen considerably with their presence. Ryder remained seated, his beanie still pulled over his face.

She was engulfed with testosterone, a flood of it that turned her nerves upside down, her nipples to achy hard peaks, and fresh wetness to drip from her pussy.

She took a step backward. What the fuck was wrong with her? It’s almost as if she had never been around men before.

She hadn’t. Not these kinds of men.

They did strange things to her body. She didn’t know how to handle it and it put her at a disadvantage.

She had never felt so small, helpless... feminine before. Every part of her body reflected against the harder, stronger, darker parts of theirs.

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