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“No, no,” I shake my head. “It’s not you. I think I lost my phone.”


“It’s either that or I left it at home.”

“Let’s hope it’s that.”

“Yeah,” I sigh. “But, at this rate, I’ll never catch a cab, and can’t call an Uber.”

“You want a ride?”

The moment he asks that, I realize he’s regretted it. I appreciate it, but I’m not in the habit of going with guys I just met and letting them drive me wherever. My parents taught me better than that.

“Sorry, just trying to be nice.”

“I know,” I manage a smile. “And, I appreciate it. I really do. But, maybe you could just lend me your phone so I can call a cab or an Uber?”

“Absolutely.” He quickly reaches into his pocket and extracts a small, thin silver phone. “Here you go.”


I call an Uber, and it tells me it should arrive in less than 10 minutes. The guy who answered didn’t mind when I explained the situation, saying I’m not using my own account and will be paying cash, instead of being charged to my account. I hang up the phone and give it back to Sven.

“You know, we’ve been talking all this time, and I still don’t know your name,” he suddenly tells me, throwing away the butt of his cigarette and stepping on it with the tip of his shoes.

“It’s Maddie,” I offer him my hand. I guess, it doesn’t matter anymore. We’ll be strangers again in ten minutes or less.

“Nice to meet you, Maddie,” he shakes it. “You know, I almost feel bad I have to do this.”

“Do what?”

I immediately let go of his hand. The flicker in his eyes has become ominous, threatening. I haven’t been threatened many times in my life, but I know the feeling. It’s instinctual. You can recognize a sense of danger even if you’ve never been in one.

I see him looking over my shoulder, and I realize that the sounds around us have died down. There aren’t many people around, if any. It’s a dark alley, with no traffic, no people. I could be swallowed by the dark and no one would be any wiser.

I feel my throat getting parched, and I take a step back.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he shakes his index finger at me. “My friends are with your girlfriends, and all it takes is one sign from me, and they’ll hurt them.”

His words ring in my ear, like an echo of a horrible song.

“What do you want from me?” I muster.

“I want you to take a ride with me,” he says calmly.

His hands are empty. He has no weapon, no gun, and no knife. I could just run away, run back in or down the street. But, I don’t do any of those things. I’m frozen in place, unable to move. It’s like he’s keeping me in place with his stare alone.

“Where are you taking me?”

“If I tell you that, I’ll have to kill you,” he grins, and I notice his fangs are shiny and pointy, like a wolf’s. His square jaw protrudes, as his smirk becomes more hostile. “And, I really don’t want to hurt you, unless I have to.”

He takes a step closer to me. I want to move back, but I can’t. He’s so close to me now, his teeth bared right in the soft area of my neck. Images of Count Dracula are evoked in my mind, and I expect him to dig into me any second. But, he doesn’t. My fingers tremble as he takes my hand into his, interlocking our fingers.

“See? Your own body doesn’t want to listen to you. It’s listening to me,” he whispers. “It knows that you won’t run away, because you don’t want to.”

My heart is beating like crazy, and I have no idea why I’m still here, why I’m not back inside, screaming for help. My legs aren’t my own anymore. My mind has been invaded by this monster from the dark. Against all common sense, I take a step closer to him, and it feels like the most natural thing to do. My nostrils are filled with a musky, masculine scent, and I feel it infiltrating every inch of the insides of my body, while he just keeps grinning at me, whispering in some silent, unknown language that doesn’t seem to spill out of his lips, but emanates from somewhere inside of me.

“My car is over there,” I hear him say.

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