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“What the fuck are you waiting for!?” Kayne curses. “Smack her! Make her stop somehow!”

The moment one of those big guys is about to raise his hand at Maddie, I know I’ve crossed over the edge. They pushed me and now, they will face the consequences.

All the muscles in my body tighten, then suddenly relax. The ropes slide downwards a little, and I’m not only able to get my feet out of the ropes, but my hands as well. I rush over to Maddie, and deliver a sucker punch to the guy, which sends him headlong into the opposing wall. The other guy rushes at me immediately, but I turn around in time to see him. I slide to the left, using my right arm to grab him by the neck, and slam his head forcefully into the floor.

Breathing heavily, unfazed by the bleeding bodies on the ground, I stand by Maddie.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Kayne shakes his head incredulously at me. “You can’t take both of us.”

“She can help me,” I say, knowing full well how ridiculous that sounds. But, I’m just trying to buy time here.

“She?” Sven answers this time, laughing. “Fine, cut her lose. Let her help you.”

I quickly use the time I’m given. As I’m untying Maddie, I bend over to her right ear.

“They didn’t take my knife,” I tell her, making sure not to move my lips too much. “When I release you, bend down and take it, so they don’t see it.”

I watch her as she nods, her eyes wide with fear and shock. I wish I could tell her it’s alright, that we'll get out of this, but I can’t. But, I can hold her hand and promise that we’ll go down together.

I almost believe she can read my mind when she takes me by the hand and gets up. She’s done it so effortlessly that I didn’t even feel her take the knife from my inside trouser leg pocket. I could only hope that she would know to use it when the time came.

“I’ve had enough of this,” Kayne growls, taking a step forward. “This stopped being fun.”

I instinctively do the same, protecting Maddie with my body.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt your little girlfriend,” Kayne mocks. “I’ll just make her watch while I kill you.”

“We’ll see about that.”

As we talk, we start walking around in a circle. I know I can’t take both of them, Kayne and Sven. So, if Sven decides to interfere, it’s done.

“I think it’s high time we end this once and for all,” Kayne continues, and I couldn’t agree more.

“You should have burned in that house 15 years ago!”

“You motherfucker!” he shouts at me.

We lunge at each other at the same time. It’s like waiting for disaster to strike, but there is nothing anyone can do about it. None of us is armed, and that’s exactly how we’re used to it. My fist dug into Kayne’s body, but at the same time, a sudden tidal wave of pain jolted right through me. I almost lost balance. I swayed to the left, but managed to keep myself standing.


nbsp; Kayne dropped to the ground. He spat out some blood. He was winded. Obviously, he had forgotten what it’s like to fight another shifter. Fighting humans is easy. But, fighting those on the same level as you - not so much.

He gives me a grotesque look. A look of hatred. I know neither of us will walk away. I shuffle to the side, waiting for another attack. But, instead of an attack that comes from Kayne, I feel something hard and merciless driven right into my back. The force of that blow is so hard that I drop to my knees, panting.

“Stop!” I hear Maddie scream, but her words are met with disdain and laughter.

There is nothing she can do. And, I can’t take both of them at the same time. Maybe back in the day when I was a young shifter, full of strength and bravery, but not now. Not like this.

I feel two pairs of hands trying to overpower me, and I let them. I can’t breathe properly still. The after-effects of Sven’s blow are still electrifying my body. Now, I know which ones here will be allowed to walk away.

“Hey, bastards!” Suddenly, a familiar voice breaks the silence. “I thought two to one was an unfair fight.”

“Anderson!” Maddie is the first to shout his name, like a beacon of light in the darkest moment.

I want to shout his name, too, but I can barely inhale properly, let alone shout. I look over at Sven and Kayne, and I realize that Anderson probably doesn’t know what’s happening yet.

“Chief?” Anderson is still standing in the doorway, only now recognizing the man I’m fighting as our boss.