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“Will you be our mate?” Fynn asks simply.

She looks at him, then at me.

“Will I be your only mate?” she suddenly asks, like a little child, afraid that she will have to share her favorite toy.

“Of course,” Fynn actually laughs at this one, and I join in.

“I mean, you won’t replace me with someone later on?” she blushes ever more as she asks this.

“We have only one mate,” Fynn explains. “Til death do us part, as you like to vow to each other.”

“I think I’d like that,” she whispers.

I jump to her and wrap my arms around her thin little neck, as she is still seated on the chair. Fynn walks over to us slowly. He uses both hands to enshroud us both.

“So, is there anything I need to know about this?” she asks again, curiously.

“Like what?” I reply with another question, sitting back at the table.

“Like, will we all be living together?”

“Of course,” Fynn nods. “No question about it.”

“And, our kids – “

“Are our kids,” he answers that one, too. “It doesn’t matter whose sperm made it to the egg first.”

He says it so seriously that we can’t stop laughing at some point. Even he joins in. After a few moments of incessant laughter, she continues dreamily.

“And, where will we live?”

“I have a big house on the outskirts, just at the foot of a nearby mountain. I always wanted to live there once I settle down. And, I think Fynn agrees, as well.”

“There’s a view of the mountain from the window?” she smiles.

“It’s breath-taking,” I assure her. “And, you don’t need to worry about anything. We’ll take care of everything, of you, the kids, absolutely everything.”

“Oh, I have no concerns about that,” she beams. “You’ve proven yourselves to me more than once. I trust you with my life.”

I feel as if someone grabbed my heart and won’t let go. Maybe that’s what love feels like. It’s a bit scary. A bit overwhelming. But, you don’t want that hand to ever let go of you, even if it does occasionally squeeze a little too tight.

Chapter 28

It’s been a week since life has returned to usual. At least, it’s trying to, and we are doing our best to accommodate the new developments. For the time being, while my dad is at the hospital, all three of us are still living in his mansion. I’ve taken it upon myself to keep up with the cleaning and the usual housework, with a little bit of hired help. After all, it’s an unnecessarily huge house. I kept telling him to sell it, and just get a smaller one, maybe somewhere in the mountains, but his reasoning was always that he lived in this house with my mother, and he will die in it, too. I guess I understand.

I always thought living with someone would be difficult. After all, it’s two souls adapting to a new level of existence: co-existence. And, with us, there are three

souls. However, it’s been nothing but smooth sailing. Anderson and Fynn are still very much different, but it is so easy to talk to them. I guess, it’s easy to find common ground when all parties involved wish everyone to be happy. And, that’s all I want, to be happy with the two of them.

It’s lunch time, and only Anderson is home. Fynn is at the station. He is needed on some top secret president-related matter, and it’s only him, so Anderson is given the day off. I thought he’d be a little offended, but he actually welcomed the day off, and spending it at home with me.

We sit down to have lunch together, and I relish his smile and his compliments about my new-found cooking skills.

“You always seem to outdo yourself with your meals,” he smiles at me. “This meat is so tender and I love the sauce. Is that avocado?”

“Yes, and just FYI, you love me, so you have to say that,” I giggle, waving a fork defensively in the air. “Don’t think for a second that I don’t know your game.”

“No, I love you, so I don’t have to say that, because you already love me and I don’t need to butter you up. You’re ours.” He winks at me, then blows me a kiss.

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