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“I never thanked you.”

I look at him, puzzled, not sure what he’s referring to.

“Thanked me for what, Fynn?”

“For saving me.”

His words are soft. I can tell they’re coming straight from the heart, from some inner pocket that he’s never opened before. Not until now.

“Where is this coming from now?” I smile at him gently, cupping his face with my hands.

His eyes are cavernous, gazing at me like I’m a well of beauty and power.

“You’ve given me so much,” he continues. “You’ve changed me in more ways than one. And, I never thanked you for the most important thing.”

“You can thank me now…”

He goes down to his knee, and takes my hands into his. He brings them to his lips, and covers them in a bunch of little kisses. Then, he presses my hands to his cold cheek.

“Thank you…”

His words seal the air between us, filling it up with love, gratitude, adoration. I help him up, and we hug each other tightly. My nose digs into his neck. My stomach pokes at his. But, nothing matters, as long as I have him, and Anderson, in my arms.

I want us to stay together like this, always. I want all of my breaths to be linked with theirs. I want always to be able to keep listening to their hearts beating the sound of my name.






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"Though dragons covet and value gold, jewels, and gems, it is their Mate that they solely, desperately desire."

That's the sales pitch I got after being rescued by the tribe of dragon shifters that live in the mountains above my town.

I suppose it was my fault for being kidnapped in the first place, wandering alone at night, destined to be sold into slavery or worse.

My name is Alice, and it turns out that Mishael, Galen, and Rhys share the True Mate bond with me.

There are certainly worse things for a socially awkward girl like me than to find herself being courted, wooed, and loved by three of the most gorgeous, powerful dragons I've ever seen.



The night seemed darker, under the cover of heavy clouds. It was threatening to rain, and smelled like an oncoming storm as I pulled my hood up tighter around my face and ducked my head, hurrying through the narrow path that led from the tavern to my house.

Everyone else had remained, sharing drinks and the leftover food that the kitchens had cooked, laughing to themselves over inside jokes I wasn't invited to. It had been that way since I started working there, since I moved from a smaller town on the edge of the mountain range.

I wasn't good at making friends. Never had been. I had been a big fish in a small pond back home, much smarter than everyone around me, and honestly it was still true here. And I was good at reading people, but in a way that tended to make them uncomfortable.

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