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Female students were able to catch sight of it despite the professor’s long-legged stride making brisk work of the walk back to his office, and this mere glimpse was enough, the carved, aristocratic lines of his face seemingly a preordained canvas for haughty derision.

As one infatuated (and no doubt somewhat masochistic) student had once put it: the professor’s scowls only made him look hotter, and his looks of icy derision were a huge turn-on.

Albeit inelegant, the description was fairly accurate, as evinced by the way heads quickly snapped towards the professor’s direction the moment he strode into view. Skin taking on a rosy hue, dryness lining their throats as nipples pricked into awareness – such were the readily-discernible symptoms of their desire, and that he had a reputation for being an unfeeling scoundrel only added immensely to his appeal.

After all, it was a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman would always want what was unattainable, and what could be more unattainable than a Nobel Prize winner who also happened to be a gorgeous, wealthy asshole?


Diana was petrified.

She was doing her best not to show it of course, but judging by the sympathetic looks Mrs. Montez were sending her way and the frequency in which she was being offered tea and refreshments, Diana was not doing a good job about it.

I’m just being paranoid.

Right, Saint M?

But her guardian saint remained conspicuously silent, as he had been for the past three hours. Could it be because St. Matthew didn’t want to lie to her, and she actually had every reason to be afraid?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was so, Diana thought glumly, considering how her friends had acted earlier at lunch. She had told them what happened that morning, and Diana had immediately become the recipient of perturbed-looking frowns.

‘How can you not know about T-PILF?’ Amine had lamented.

‘The one time you had to break your perfect attendance,’ Magnolia had muttered, ‘and it had to be his class.’

‘I think I’m missing something here. What’s T-PILF?’ Could it be a dinosaur related to the T-Rex?

”It means THE Professor I’d Like to Fuck,” Magnolia had spelled out with a roll of her eyes, ‘and the reason Diana doesn’t know about him is because she’s always off in a la-la land when she’s not with us.’

She had started to protest (out of principle), but Amine had cut Diana off with a worried shake of her head. ‘The whys don’t matter anymore. The only thing you should care about now is the fact that Professor de Graaf eats students for breakfast, and there’s nothing he hates more than when a student misses his first class for no reason.’

The glass door suddenly swung open, the swooshing sound startling Diana back into reality, and she scrambled to her feet, back snapping straight and gaze flying towards the figure that had just strode in. Her lips parted, but the words of greeting she had rehearsed failed to come out.

Instead, she heard herself blurt out, “You!”

This earned her a look of chilling dislike, and Diana found herself thinking, It should be Mr. Still Furious now. But rather than feeling discouraged, she just felt…excited. He really was the most beautiful man alive in her eyes, and it was such a lovely surprise to see him again so soon.

She hadn’t even dared let herself hope for such a thing actually, and yet here he was. Surely it meant he was heaven sent.

Right, St. M?

Her guardian saint neglected to answer, but Diana told herself it didn’t matter. She glanced back at Mr. Still Furious expectantly, waiting for him to acknowledge her—

“Welcome back, Professor de Graaf.” Mrs. Montez’ words had Diana reluctantly looking away from her beautiful crush (for this was what crushes were, wasn’t it?).

Oh, why did the professor have to arrive now of all times?

She glanced back at the door all the same, prepared to greet the professor similarly—

“Did your lunch meeting go well?” The professor’s secretary went on to ask.

But there was no one else.

“As well as one could hope.” A pause. “I’ve something to work on, so please make sure I’m not disturbed for the rest of the day.”

There was no one else.

“Oh, but there’s a student here to see you,” Mrs. Montez protested, “and Ms. Leventis has been here for over three hours…”

There was no one else!

“Is that so?” The words were drawled out in a chilling tone, and Diana could feel herself paling as the truth hit her in the head like nails being pounded into her brain.

Professor Matthijs de Graaf was Mr. Furious.

Who also happened to be T-PILF.

And even more furious than usual.

And forbidden.


The professor was silently cursing in seven languages.

Of course the girl would turn out to be no other than Diana Leventis.

His own fuckable fucking student.

He should have expected things to turn out like this, should’ve remembered the saints above so did love to have a laugh at his expense.

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