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“Fuck.” The mere touch of her fingers clutching his knees was too fucking much. “Take me into your mouth now, Sarah.”

The edge of desperation in his voice made her feel heady. All these years, he had always seemed so in control when they were together, and so to see and hear him like this…

She had the upper hand at this very moment, but instead of taking advantage of it, instead of using it to turn the tables around and make him feel how he used to make her feel, every time he walked away from her—-

Sarah found herself reaching for his cock with trembling hands, with only one aching thought in mind.

I want to please him.

And so she bent her head to take his cock into her mouth.

His fingers drove through her hair as her mouth worked hard to accommodate the sheer girth of his cock. He wasn’t even more than a few inches in, and she was already having trouble with just how juicy and fat his cock was. Was this truly a normal size for men or—-


Damian had used his hips to push another inch of his cock into her, taking Sarah by surprise, and she choked and almost gagged.

“Fuck. Was it too much?” Damian started to pull out immediately but stopped when her fingers squeezed hard around his cock in seeming protest. When he looked down, it was to see her slightly shake her head up at him. No, her eyes answered him with a stubborn glint of warning. Don’t pull out.

And fuck if that didn’t have him swelling even more inside her mouth, and his fingers shook as he stroked her head. “Alright, love.” It was pure work to keep his voice calm and steady when his body was urging him to start fucking her mouth. “Let’s take it slow and easy…” Even if it killed him.

Since Sarah had a deliciously small mouth, it took a while before her lips managed to stretch wide enough and for her tongue to get used to working around the thick width of his cock. After that came the remaining length of his erection, and Damian found himself exhibiting the patience of a saint as he penetrated her mouth at a controlled pace, waiting for Sarah to relax before pushing another inch in. It was agony at its most exquisite, but every second also proved well worth his torment. By the time all twelve inches of his cock were deep inside her throat, both of them were primed for pleasure, with Sarah fiercely gripping his thighs as her head enthusiastically bobbed up and down his length.

Damian did his best to prolong the moment, but then she started experimenting, her mouth squeezing tightly around his erection as she sucked hard—-


It was her only warning, and then he was shooting his cum down her throat, and Sarah worked furiously hard to swallow every creamy, salty drop. A part of her wondered why she wasn’t disgusted or in despair by the fact that she was swallowing the cum of a man she was supposedly over with. But the much larger part of her just didn’t care.

This…this was Damian Fox, the man she had been in love with for years, and it meant everything, to hear his groans of pleasure and feel his powerful body shudder as his cum flowed down her throat.


The first day of Naomi’s birthday weekend had been a huge success, and with photos of the party taking over social media, Sarah wasn’t surprised when she saw the crowd of fans and paparazzi waiting outside Fox Lodge’s parking lot the next day.

“Free PR is always good PR,” a cheerful voice piped up from behind her. “Or so I like to tell the sheikh.”

Sarah was already grinning even before turning around, having recognized the voice. “You made it!”

“We were supposed to make it here yesterday,” Hyacinth admitted after their quick exchange of hugs, “but something came up at work, and Marwan and I ended up having to record another episode.”

“What’s important is that you’re here,” Sarah told her friend.

Hyacinth gestured to the crowd outside, which had just gone wild at the arrival of her brother-in-law, Sheikh Tarif Al-Atassi, and her sister Anisah. “Look how cute my sister is acting.”

Prior to marrying the royal sheikh, Anisah had worked as a royal tutor for the kingdom’s American queen and was rather infamous for her strict, schoolmarmish ways. This side of her was glaringly evident now, with the way her lips pursed every time she saw girls clamoring for her husband’s attention.

“Do you think she’ll ever get used to it?” Sarah asked with a grin.

“Never,” Hyacinth said brightly while curling an arm around her friend’s. “But enough about her. I’m famished. Where do we eat?”

Ten minutes later, and Sarah and Hyacinth were sharing one of the cozy booths in J & N’s, which was basically the hotel’s upscale version of a diner. Since it was only seven in the morning, there still weren’t that many people around, with most of the guests choosing to sleep in.

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