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“I can make you feel like this every day, love.”

“Shut up.”

“You just have to marry me.”

“Never—-” The hand between her legs was abruptly withdrawn, and a feeling of aching emptiness immediately struck her at the loss of his touch.

Damian leaned back against his seat and waited.

His Sarah was defiant at first, her voice sharp as she told him off. “Don’t touch me again.”

He didn’t bother to answer, and soon enough, his patience was rewarded as Sarah seemed to shift restlessly in her seat.

“You can try all you want,” he murmured, “but you won’t be able to make it go away. You want me too much, love.”

Sarah squeezed her eyes shut against the seductive note of inducement in the billionaire’s tone.

“It’s still early enough,” he purred. “We won’t get caught.”

Inhale, exhale. Regulating her breathing was all she could do to distract herself from the devilish lure of the billionaire’s voice, which was still doing a brilliant job in getting under her skin and stirring her senses.

“Tell you what, love. I won’t even make you ask for it.”

Oh God, oh God.

“You only have to open your eyes and look at me…”

Why was this man so good at tempting her?

“And I’ll take you to my office and make you cum…”

Her pussy started to quiver.

“No questions asked,” Damian promised gravely, “before or after.”

The deliberate and deliciously wicked similarity in his words wasn’t lost her at all, and before she knew it…

Her eyelids were already fluttering open, her gaze meeting his…

And then Damian was taking hold of her hand, and Sarah’s heart started drumming loudly as he led her out of the diner. Their pace was swift, and all Sarah could do was focus on their clasped hands, not wanting to risk looking around and seeing something that could ruin the moment.

And then suddenly, they were there, and her heart jumped to her throat as he stepped aside to let her inside his office. When she turned around, it was to hear the click of his door locking, and then he, too, was turning to face her…

No questions asked, before or after.

The memory of it freed her, and a whimper escaped her…just as she started running towards him.

They met halfway, Sarah throwing herself in his arms, and the billionaire immediately covering her mouth with his the moment her limbs locked around his body. He carried her to his massive desk, and she heard things falling to the floor just before his hands shifted its hold and he was gently lowering her so she could lie flat on her back on his desk, her legs dangling over its edge.

She didn’t even think of resisting when she felt him pry her legs wide open, and she could only whimper when she felt him slowly pull her panties down her legs. Cool air brushed against her pussy a second later, and she cried out.

“Exquisite,” he rasped, “and so gloriously, fucking wet.”

The words had her shuddering with a gasp, and at the first stroke of his fingers against her folds, she found herself becoming delirious with need.

Oh God, he was so good at this.

So, so wonderfully good.

So good.

Stroke after stroke after stroke, she felt herself gradually losing her mind, until she could no longer contain herself.


She heard him growl, and her body arched helplessly at the sound.

“Damian, please.”

And that was when his finger finally ceased its tormenting, teasing strokes and slid inside of her.

A long, drawn out moan spilled past her lips, but it soon turned into quick, short whimpers when the thrust of his finger soon started to quicken. He was pushing deeper and harder, too, and she was finding it harder and harder to breathe as her body began to tighten.

“Damian. Oh God. Damian.”

It was suddenly impossible to stop saying his name, and the more she said it, the hotter she burned, the fires inside of her pooling within the walls of her womanhood, and when she felt his thumb start grinding against her clit, something inside of her burst…

He watched her come, her body buckling with every thrust of his fingers, and when her dazed gaze drifted to his, he said softly, “I love you, Sarah.”


“You alright, love?”

The words had Sarah turning to her with a gasp, and Hyacinth burst into laughter. “I knew that would get your attention…love.”


“I heard Damian call you that this morning,” Hyacinth said innocently. “Or is he the only one allowed – hey! Where are you going…love?”

Sarah hit the slopes harder to pick up speed…and get away from Hyacinth’s incessant ribbing. Note to self: Text Sheikh Rayyan about all the boys who had tried hitting on his fiancée. That should be enough to get the other girl in trouble, and the thought was enough to restore Sarah’s good mood.

With weather forecasts ensuring continous snow, plenty of Naomi’s guests had come up and were taking it easy on the longer but more scenic route. Not in the mood for chit chat, Sarah changed courses and opted for the more complex one that would have her weaving through trees and boulders.

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