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His gaze simply bored through me.

“Okay, okay, I got it. 911.” Since it was probably a magical counterpart, I couldn’t help wondering who I’d end up talking to.

Hadrian took my hands and pressed his lips to them one after another. “Just…be safe. Alright?”

“I promise.” And at that time, I meant it.

AFTER WATCHING HADRIAN drive out of the basement parking, I deliberately lingered around, hoping Caleb would show up. But he didn’t, and so I decided to do my usual and hang out at the lobby. It was noisy and crowded as always, since most residents liked hanging out here as well. The building offered free Internet in their public spaces, and it was really, really fast.

Time ticked by, and I found myself thinking about how my life had changed so much in the past few days. One moment I was dead and single, next thing I knew I was still dead…but with a plus one this time.

Could it really work between us? And if we did give it a try, would we be the first couple ever that was…interracial? Inter-species? Inter-something? Shit. Maybe I should just have Google work this out, too. Maybe there were other ghosts like me, and maybe they were able to share their problems online. It was possible…wasn’t it?

I made my way to the elevator, my mind already busy making a list of keywords to type. The elevator doors slid close just as I glanced up, and that was when I realized too late I was alone.

Shit, shit, shit.

The elevator went past the second floor.

Okay. We’re okay.

Third floor.

There’s no need to panic.


Living people will come in anytime, and I won’t be alone any longer.


Come on, living, breathing people! Don’t tell me you’re taking the stairs right now?


Okay, fine, let’s just get this over with.


Halfway now. You can do this, Saoirse.


Five more to go.

Ninth floor, and the elevator stopped.

Huh. That was weird. I hadn’t seen the 9/F button light up, but oh well. The elevator doors slid open. A moment later, it slid close, with no one entering. No one living that was, and now I was in deep shiiiiiiiiiiit!

My facial muscles froze as my dead companion turned to look at me.

Calm. Stay calm.

So, you know by now that there are all sorts of ghosts, right? Well, this one that just came in? She was one of the bad guys. The kind that could suck little girls into old TV sets. That kind of bad, and if she knew…

Relax, Saoirse, relax.

We were at the eleventh floor now.



I could feel her vile gaze following me as I walked past her, and I had to fight against the urge to run. Just keep walking. And feet on the ground. Walk. Don’t float.

But after a few steps, I could feel the vileness growing.


Could feel it getting nearer.

Oh, eff it.

I made a mad dash for it just as she let out a screech, and boy she was fast. Too fast. The next thing I knew, she was already right next to me, and I was horribly and gruesomely reminded once again what it felt like to look into the face of evil.


And yes, in case you were wondering, poltergeists weren’t the type to speak. They just screeched and screeched, and this one would’ve probably had my ears fall off if I hadn’t managed to dive straight into Hadrian’s apartment door. I fell into it and skidded my knees…just as I heard another screech.

W-what was that?

I flipped to my back, with a part of me already expecting to have the poltergeist fall on top of me, and I’d have to start fighting for—-

Oh my God.

Apparently, the poltergeist had tried following me inside, and now it was my turn to scream as I watched her severed head tumble down to the floor.

Hadrian, apparently, took home security very, very seriously.

Chapter Nine


I wish there was a way I could tell living people that while I appreciate their gesture for reporting my social media pages so they’re “memorialized”…I also kinda wished they had the means to ask my permission first. It’s my account, you know…and now I can’t even access it so I can re-read old messages.

I CALLED 911 USING Hadrian’s phone in his study. I couldn’t recall exactly what I said, or what the voice in the other end of the line said back, but we must’ve talked enough since Hadrian was striding back inside the apartment in fifteen minutes.

I was curled up in the couch, and I managed a weak smile as he came up and loomed over me like a furious Greek god. “Um…hi?”

“You’re alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

I barely managed a shake of my head before Hadrian had me up in his arms.

“Dammit, Saoirse. Stop endangering yourself.”

“It’s not like I mean to.” My voice came out muffled against the side of his neck. “I just wanted to help with your case.”