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“You say that, and yet…” Christian stilled in the middle of his living room. “Why do I get the feeling you’re merely saying these things because you’re supposed to and not because it’s what you truly believe in?”

It took some time for his words to penetrate Jane’s mind, but when they did—-

“You caught me.” Jane shook the cobwebs off her mind. “And yes, you’re right. I always did think marriage is just a piece of paper.”

“Then that should bode well for us, don’t you think?”

She bit her lip, and his eyes narrowed. “Let me.”


His teeth replaced hers, sinking into her lower lip to create the most delicious mix of pleasure and agony.

Oh. So that was what he meant.

He released her lip, and she tried not to cry out and beg him to do it again.

His gaze claimed her, and he stated quietly, “One week.”

Jane took a deep breath. “One week.”

And then he took a deep breath, which confused her.

“Are you a virgin?”

This confused her even more, but she answered hesitantly, “Yes?”

“I thought so.” His voice was harsh.

“Virgins aren’t your thing?”

“It’s more of…self-denial isn’t in my nature.”

“I still don’t understand—-”

“I won’t fuck you until we’re married. But when we do marry—-”

If, she thought weakly.

Christian shifted her in his arms, causing Jane to straighten and her legs to automatically lock more tightly around his waist. Their eyes met, and he bit out, “You need to choose whether you want to share my bed or not.”

“A-and if I don’t?” she couldn’t help asking. “Will you have sex with other women?”


“Can I have sex with other men?

“That is entirely up to you.”


“But if I have sex with you?”

“Then we only fuck each other, as many times as we want, wherever we want.”

Chapter Five

Shareholders Meeting

AMC Executive Conference Hall

Struggling to make sense of the statistical data projected on the white screen, Jane had to squint and frown several times until her vision finally cleared and the figures stopped looking like hieroglyphics.

She did a rapid scan and slouched down in relief. Oh thank God. Last quarter’s numbers were up, which meant there wasn’t any need to tiptoe around pissed-off management. More importantly, it meant she could nurse her sexual hangover.

A grimace started to contort her face, and this made Jane’s head pound even more painfully. Dear God. If someone had told her it was possible to feel hung over due to one too many orgasms in a single night, she would have died laughing.

And then cry, Jane thought glumly, because apparently the joke had been on her.

Not that she was actually complaining, of course. Christian Ravenhearst had been fantastic. There was no other word for it. Or maybe there were, Jane pondered absently.

Insatiable would do, too.

And also – did all English guys have iron self-control like Christian?

Not once had he made her touch him or help him come, even though the expression on his handsome face had become increasingly strained. Once, she had asked him awkwardly if perhaps she could do the same thing for him, but Christian had only shaken his head, telling her curtly that if he allowed himself to come in her presence, he might not control himself at all.

He would fuck her, and he probably wouldn’t be able to stop until both of them couldn’t walk.

“…and that’s it,” the head of AMC’s finance department finished. Closing remarks were given and people started rising from their seats. Shareholders started shaking hands with each other, and a buzz of conversation soon filled the conference hall while Jane and other select employees invited to witness the meeting filed out. Most of them were in finance, and of course the anchors were there, too. As always, Jane was the only one from P.R., once again filling in for her boss Vince.

Just as she reached for the door, she heard someone say from behind, “A moment please, Ms. Cooper.”

She froze. That couldn’t possibly be—-

But then she saw that everyone – both shareholders and employees of AMC – had fallen silent as they turned to look at her, and Jane’s heart sank.

She slowly did a 180-degree turn, and her worst fears were confirmed.

It was the CEO who had addressed her.

Jane felt like she was on her way to the chopping block as she headed towards AMC’s CEO. This was all Christian’s doing, she thought. If she got fired because of whatever Christian had said or made the CEO think, she would kill him.

When she reached the CEO, she reluctantly raised her head to meet his gaze. “Good morning, sir.”

Jared Westland looked at her thoughtfully. His height and build were as imposing as Christian’s, but whereas Christian’s looks were more of an angel’s, Jared’s were dark and roguish, with his chestnut brown hair, near-black eyes, and deeply tanned skin.


She held her breath.

“…asked me to put a good word in with you.”

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