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And he had expected her to be the same, Jane thought.

What a wonderfully smart, silly man he was.

When she walked towards Christian, she couldn’t help noting the way his azure eyes took on a calculating look, as if trying to figure out her intentions with a mathematical formula.

Smart silly man—-

And she was engaged to him.

When Jane reached Christian, she locked her arms behind his neck, saying with mock seriousness, “If I marry you—-”

Christian’s gaze became even more calculating.

“You must promise to let me live in your spaceship.”

The tension left his form, and Christian’s eyes gleamed. “It’s a deal.”

She laughed. She just couldn’t help it.

“But only on one condition.”

“And what’s that?” Jane’s tone was breathless, Christian having hauled her close so he could start undressing her.

Taking her cardigan off, Christian said, “You need to wear a spacesuit…”

The sound of her giggle was slightly muffled by her blouse being whipped over her body.

“That lets your breasts hang out,” Christian finished, crouching down to work on her skirt.

“Kinky!” Laughter had her swaying, and she quickly held on to his shoulders as she stepped out of her skirt and then her shoes. “Makes me wonder how you’re able to keep your games PG,” she murmured as Christian made her turn around.

“Did I ever say I don’t develop any adult games?” Christian asked dulcetly as he unclasped her bra from behind.

“Oh!” Her gasp coincided with her bra falling to the floor, and she automatically covered her chest with her arms as she turned around, asking breathlessly, “Then that means you do?”

Instead of answering, Christian whipped her panties down her legs.

“Christian, does that mean—-”

He kissed her hard, muttering against her lips, “Enough talking, more fucking.” He tossed her onto the bed right after, and she giggled. “I thought you only swore when you’re pissed.” Her voice was faint, the sight of Christian swiftly undressing himself making Jane’s head whirl.

This was really happening. Christian Ravenhearst was about to become her lover. Her only lover.

“I am pissed.” Christian placed one knee on the bed.


“Because I want you so bad, I don’t fucking know if I can control myself—-”

And finally – finally – their naked bodies touched, both of them knowing that this time it was different.

This time, they would really be lovers to the end.

Mind blown, Jane thought dazedly as her aching body arched involuntarily.

And then there was no time to think.

Ravishment was the only word to describe the way Christian kissed her, touched her – and she loved it. The way his tongue penetrated her mouth, the way his fingers pulled on her nipples, the way his cock rubbed almost tauntingly against the slick folds of her pussy.

And he did it all without letting Jane have a single second to compose herself, ignoring her cries for him to stop like he knew that what she was really begging him to do was the opposite.

Ravish me more. Drive me crazy. Kill me with your passion.

And he did.

Oh, he did.

When Christian poised himself between her legs, she was more than ready, writhing and moaning under him, her nails digging into the sculpted panes of his back.


His cock slowly sheathed itself inside her pussy, inch by inch.

“Oh God, Christian…”

Deeper and deeper, piercing her body, possessing her soul.


And then he was all the way in, and Jane gasped as his cock drove past the barrier of her virginity.

Their hoarse breathing filled the room.

It was done.

She was his.

“Jane.” Christian’s azure eyes captured hers. “Are you okay?”

She could only nod, unable to speak just yet. The feel of his cock throbbing inside of her, rubbing against the walls of her pussy, was strange but compelling.

It was making her feel things.

It was making her do things.

Her clouded eyes searched Christian’s in a mute plea to make her understand just what she was supposed to do, and a rough growl escaped him.

He started to move, and she gasped as those things gradually became clear.

The pleasure began to build, and her legs snaked around his waist. He withdrew and plunged deeper into her, and Jane moaned.

“Yes,” Christian rasped.

And he began to move just a little bit deeper, just a little bit faster and harder with every stroke, until Jane couldn’t help meeting every thrust.

“Yes. That’s it, pet.” Christian’s voice was strained, his jaw clamped.

The thrusts kept coming, pounding into her, and she couldn’t stop moaning, rubbing her breasts against his chest, feeling like there should be more, but it was just out of reach.

Their bodies began to rock against each other, and the bed began to thud against the wall, the heavy sound underlining their panting.

“Christian. Oh God, Christian—-” She was going to break. She wanted to break. She needed to break.

But how?

And as if he heard her silent, desperate plea, Christian’s mouth closed over her nipple while his hands went under her ass.

He bit her nipple hard just as he ground his cock down into her, his hands squeezing her ass hard as he pushed her up to meet his thrust.

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