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The girls left quietly, and only once Erin was out of sight did I look at Tito. “Taken.”

He nodded. “Let’s go, Vinny,” he muttered as he stood from the chair.

“No!” Vinny seethed. “Erin is my property dammit! Prez you have to—”

Tito slapped Vinny across the face and growled, “I don’t fucking have to do anything, you little shit. Erin’s an old lady and we don’t fucking mess with another man’s property. Now get your ass on your bike and head home, or stay here like a fucking idiot and get your ass beat. But you ain’t gonna get one lick of help from the Devil’s Jesters.”

Vinny’s face was red and blotchy, anger seeping from his pores. He contemplated his president for a minute, then glanced at me. I grinned, hoping he was as stupid as he looked.

I got my wish. He lunged at me, and I knocked him out with one fist to the face.

Tito rolled his eyes and muttered, “Fucking prick.” Then he nodded to Mac and left without another word.

Rider was standing closest to me, so he stepped over and threw the unconscious Vinny over his shoulder. “Go check on your woman. You know where to find him when you’re ready.”

“Thanks,” I rumbled as I stalked from the room. I’d do as Rider suggested and make sure Cherry was all right and bring her some food, then I was going to make a visit to “the woodshed” and make sure Vinny never forced himself on another woman.

A couple of hours later, I grabbed a shower in one of the communal bathrooms in the clubhouse before hurrying to my room. I was more than ready to spend the night inside my old lady.

Thoughts of this morning ran through my mind, and my cock swelled painfully. It was then that I realized I hadn’t used protection. The image of her pregnant with my baby sent my already raging lust into overdrive. A wicked smile spread across my face as a new plan formed. I was gonna spend every second I could with my naked cock buried in my Cherry’s tight pussy until I’d knocked her the fuck up.



Lying back on the mattress, I stroked my fingers down the front of the vest Patrick had given me. I’d been so nervous when Bridget had knocked on the door and asked me to come down to Mac’s office with her. I’d known that Patrick wouldn’t let anything bad happen, but all of the possible reasons he’d need me swirled around my brain as I’d followed her through the clubhouse. Everything except him asking me to be his old lady and sliding a property patch onto my back. I wasn’t sure how he’d managed to pull it off, but I was thrilled to officially be his. And to follow the order he’d barked at me when he’d popped into the room to make sure I was okay before heading off to take care of some club business.

Stretching out on our bed with nothing but my new vest covering my body, I couldn’t wait for him to come back. He’d said he would only be gone for a couple of hours, and I was starting to get antsy. Keeping myself turned on for so long wasn’t that hard—all I had to do was think about Patrick’s sexy, tattooed body, pierced dick, and all the things he had done to me so far. But being aroused for so long was starting to push me to the edge of my limits, and Patrick had made it clear that coming without him wasn’t okay.

When he finally shoved the door open, I was beyond desperate. “Nobody else better knock on that door again until tomorrow. It felt like you were gone forever.”

“It was only a couple of hours, but I get what you’re saying.” He stalked toward me, his blue eyes darkening to navy as his gaze drifted down my body.

I took in his still-wet hair and bruised knuckles. “Easy for you to say. You were busy doing whatever it was that left you needing to take a shower before you could come back to me.”

“Trust me, baby. I’ll make the wait more than worth it.” I licked my lips as he took off his vest and shirt. “Remember the lesson I taught you about delayed gratification our first night together?”

I nodded, my cheeks heating as I remembered how I’d squirted when he’d finally let me come. “Uh-huh.”

“Wanna bet I can make you come just as hard after you’ve spent the past couple of hours thinking about how I’m going to fuck you?” His fingers trailed across my neck, through the valley between my breasts, and down my belly. Then he dipped them into my wetness. “Gonna take you from behind so I can see my property patch on your back while my cock hammers into your tight pussy.”

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