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She stopped and tapped her lips for a second. “Anything else you guys would require of a guy you would ‘let’ date me?” She used air quotes around the word let to make it clear that she was just placating us.

“No ties to another club,” Cassie said, poking her head out of her book again for a second.

“Of course not. He would obviously be loyal to the Silver Saints. Maybe even intending to be one someday.”

Casey paused the game, then he and Cory glanced at each other, smiling smugly.

They thought they’d won. That Caty had described the perfect boy who surely didn’t exist. But Erin’s shoulders were shaking with silent laughter, and every detail Caty had offered sounded familiar.

“Sure, sis,” Casey said with a smirk. “If you meet Mr. Perfect, we won’t stand in your way.”


The boys nodded. “Yeah. Promise.”

“Great. You guys are the best.” Caty gave them each a hug, then curled up in one of the other recliners.

Both boys glanced back at me, confused, and I shrugged. I didn’t know what was about to happen, but I had a feeling we were about to have the carpet pulled out from beneath us.

The doorbell rang, and Caty jumped up from her chair, racing out of the room.

Erin leaned back against me and murmured, “Remember your promise, boys.”

They’d restarted their game, but at their mother’s caution, they paused again.

Caty came strutting back into the room and announced, “I have a date, see you all later.”

Cory and Casey jumped to their feet in unison.

“What the fuck?”

“Over my dead body!”

“Language,” I growled, reminding them that I’d taught them better than to speak like that in the presence of their mother and sisters. It made me a complete hypocrite as far as my wife was concerned, but I played the “Do as I say, not as I do” parent card.

“I think the decision is up to Caty’s parents,” said a familiar voice who strolled in behind my daughter.

My jaw dropped when I realized Caty had thoroughly played us.

Rider’s son, Ajax, was an extremely good kid. There wasn’t anything I could say about him that would give me a reason to keep her home from her date, other than he was a boy. That wasn’t going to fly with Erin. To make matters worse, I knew his dad had taught him to honor and respect women, just as I’d taught my boys. So, I really didn’t have a leg to stand on if I tried to forbid them from going out.

Ajax walked over to me and held out his hand. “Patriot.” He used my road name as a sign of respect because he was currently a gopher for the club. Basically a prospect to being a prospect. We didn’t allow anyone to officially apply to be in the club until they were eighteen—unless it was absolutely necessary. “I wanted to come to you before now, but my mom convinced me to let Caty talk to you first. I hope you know that my dad would have my ass if I treated Caty with anything other than care and respect.”

I shook his hand, begrudgingly admitting that if I had to let someone take out my baby girl, Ajax was one of the few boys that I’d trust…mostly.

“Have her home by ten and remember that I have eyes everywhere.” I’d put the word out to my brothers and anyone near them would check in from time to time.

Casey and Cory shouted again.

“What the fuck, Dad?”

“You can’t be serious!”

Caty stomped over to them and smacked each one upside the head, making me grin. My girls were little spitfires, just like their mother.

And I’d taught them to defend themselves, so Caty didn’t really have us hovering over her. Not that it would change anything, she was still my baby girl.

“You promised,” she reminded them with a glare.

Casey opened his mouth, but Erin cut him off. “That’s enough boys, you did promise.”

They both backed down immediately, not daring to challenge their mother because they knew very well that after dealing with her wrath, they’d have to handle mine.

“Thanks, Daddy,” Caty said sweetly, as she practically danced over to kiss my cheek.

“Have fun!” Erin chirped.

Ajax nodded, then put his hand at the center of Caty’s back and guided her from the room. My eyes narrowed, unhappy to see any teenage boy touching my daughter, but at least his hand had been nowhere near her behind. Rider’s kid or not, if I saw or suspected he groped my little girl, I would kill the motherfucker.

“I can’t believe you gave in, Dad,” Casey said with a disappointed shake of his head.

“Your dad is a very smart man,” Erin told them in a sly tone. Then she wiggled her round little ass on my lap, making my rigid cock grow even harder.

“Pick your battles, son,” I rasped, holding my wife close as I stood. “Now, we need to have a discussion.”

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