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“Stop running your mouth and go back to your woman,” I grunted to Patriot, one of my MC brothers. He laughed and clapped me on the back before walking away.

I looked around the bar and grinned at the lack of destruction. Except for the damage we’d done to Scott and his cronies.

Satisfied that I’d removed the threat to my woman, I turned my attention back to her. She was standing behind the bar with Wendy. Ireland had a bat in an awkward grip, and her jaw was slack as she surveyed the scene in front of her. I was relieved to see only shock and awe in her eyes rather than fear.

As I made my way back to her, Don, the owner of McClaren’s, walked into the room from a hallway that led to the back of the building. His expression was curious rather than angry, which was what I’d expected. Actually, I’d been surprised when he hadn’t rushed out to stop the fight. I was sure he had a security camera feed in his office. Although, I hadn’t spotted much by way of security besides the two cameras and his bouncers. I didn’t like the thought of Ireland coming back here with so little protection.

An idea popped into my head, and I glanced at Hack, who nodded, obviously having had the same thought. Don stood at the end of the bar, not far from Ireland, perfectly positioned for me to approach him.

I fished a card out of my pocket and handed it to him. “Your security needs an overhaul. Let’s talk tomorrow.” Then I went around him and held out my hand for Ireland. “Let’s go, baby.”

“Um...go?” Ireland asked, sounding confused.

Wendy snickered and reached for the bat Ireland held at her side. “I’ll just take this in case you aren’t a fan of warp speed.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I only cared about what Ireland was thinking. “I’m going to take you home so we can talk before I take off.” It was going to be hard as shit to leave her and go home, but we’d barely exchanged names and didn’t know each other—excluding the knowledge of her body and the sounds she made when she was turned on. I didn’t know how she would handle me bulldozing into her life and staking my claim. That was exactly what I would do, but I would attempt to slow it down a bit for her sake.

Ireland cocked her head to the side and studied me for a moment before she smiled and put her hand in mine. The moment our skin touched, it sizzled, but I also felt a sense of calm and peace descend over me. I tugged her close and dropped an arm over her shoulders, then I started toward the front exit.

As we passed Don, I gave him a nod. “Want us to take out the trash?” I lifted my chin in the direction of the three bouncers in various states of pain, all of them still on the floor.

He shook his head and sighed at the pathetic sight. “I got this. Be here at eleven tomorrow, and we’ll discuss your ideas.”


Leaving my brothers to handle anything else, I guided Ireland to the exit and down a few spaces to where my hog was parked. “Ever been on a bike?”

She shook her head as her eyes eagerly scanned the machine. “I’ve always wanted to. Dang, Sebastian, this thing is awesome.”

I grinned at her compliment. “Thanks, baby. One of my brothers, Dom, is a fucking genius at restoration and runs the Silver Saints shop. He did this one for me because he owed me a favor.”

She tore her eyes away and glanced in the other direction before looking at me while biting her lip. I wanted to be the only one who nibbled on her plump lips, so I used my thumb to pull it from between her teeth. Her cheeks bloomed with pink, and her eyes sparked with heat. I swallowed a groan, realizing that staying out of her bed tonight was going to be harder than I’d anticipated.

“What about my truck?”

“You drive a truck?” I asked with a chuckle. I’d expected some kind of girly muscle car. This rocker chick was the woman of my dreams.

She wrinkled her nose and sighed. “Yeah. It’s a piece of crap because I couldn’t afford anything bigger and better. But I like trucks because it’s easier to haul our equipment when Sally doesn’t have access to the van. One of these days, I’m going to have a badass truck, though.”

“You’re cute and badass at the same time,” I told her with a laugh as I pulled the strap of her small purse over her head. Then I reached into one of my saddlebags and took out my helmet, replacing it with her purse. Before closing the bag, I unhooked her keys from where they were clipped onto the purse.

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