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“Wow,” Ireland said quietly. I met her gaze to see if my past bothered her, but she looked at me with admiration. “That’s awesome.”

I shrugged and decided it was time to move on to more important topics. “About that talk,” I began. Ireland looked at me with curiosity and waited for me to continue. “Just going to be real with you, baby. Games and the slow play aren’t my style, and I can’t see them being yours either.” She shook her head. “But you might not be ready for me to swoop in and change your whole life. So, I’m gonna try to slow down a little for you.”

“Um, okay. Slow what down exactly?”

I realized I’d jumped ahead and went back to make sure we were very clear on where things stood. Leaning toward her, I wrapped my hands around her waist and picked her up to settle her on my lap—careful to keep her a safe distance from my swollen cock. “Let’s start over. Ireland”—I grasped her chin to make sure she couldn’t look away—“you’re mine. Gonna go as slow as I can, but there’ll be no other men for you. Only me. Clear?”

Her mouth had formed a surprised O, but I was pleased when she nodded without hesitation. “Okay,” she rasped after a few seconds. “Does that, are you mine, too?”

“Fuck yeah,” I said adamantly. “I’m all yours.” I winked as I parroted what she’d said to me in front of Scott.

“I’m good with that.” Her smile was blinding, and flames licked at my insides as I struggled not to pull her to me, knowing what would happen if I did.

Ireland’s eyes dropped to my lips, and she licked her own. “Should we kiss on it?” she asked hopefully.

I would have laughed if I hadn’t been fighting so fucking hard to hold on to my control. “No, baby. If I kiss you, I won’t be able to stop, and you’ll be naked with my big cock buried in your tight little pussy before you know what’s happening.” She squirmed, and I held her waist tighter to keep her still. “Gotta go slow, and we haven’t even gone on a date yet.”

She looked like she might protest but ultimately sighed. “Okay.” Her expression turned sad, and she moved to climb off my lap, but I wouldn’t let her.

“What’s wrong?” She blushed and bit her lip, which I pulled free. “Only I bite those pretty lips, Ireland. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I’m not ready to say good night, I guess.”

I grinned and allowed myself a moment to hug her close before shifting her so she was snuggled up to my side. “Never said I was gonna leave, baby.”

Grinning, she looked up at me before resting her head on my chest. “Want to watch a movie?”

“Sure.” I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to a single second of it with her tits pressed into my side and her vanilla scent floating around me. Still, I shored up my control and grabbed the remote. We found an action film that it turned out we both loved. Ten minutes into the movie, I heard a soft little snore and realized that Ireland was fast asleep.

I turned the volume down a bit and carefully moved us so we were on our sides, and she was tucked against the front of my body. Having her in my arms brought that calm and peace again, and it wasn’t long before I’d fallen asleep, too.



I’d never had a guy over to my apartment, and if anyone had asked me if I’d be able to fall asleep while one was there the first night I met him, my answer would have been a resounding no. But I’d felt so comfortable cuddled up against Sebastian that I’d barely been able to keep my eyes open. Something about him made me feel safe and protected—as though he’d stand between me and any danger. I hadn’t felt anything like it before, not even from my parents.

Waking up to find myself sprawled on top of Sebastian probably should have been all kinds of awkward, but it just felt right. As though that was exactly where I belonged. And when his clear blue eyes opened and his lips curved into a sexy smile, it got even better. “Morning, baby. You sleep good?”

“Yeah,” I whispered, rubbing my cheek against his chest. “You make an excellent pillow.”

He brushed a kiss against the top of my head. “Then sign me up for pillow duty from now on.”

“Maybe next time, we should at least move to the bed so you can get a good night’s sleep, too,” I suggested with a grin. “It’s literally ten steps away, and I can’t imagine that you were too comfortable wedged onto my couch like this.”

“You’re wrong, baby.” His arms tightened around me. “As long as I have you next to me, I’m guaranteed to sleep just fine.”

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