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“I’ll remember from now on.” He brushed his lips over mine as his palms slid down my spine to cup my butt cheeks.

I twined my arms around his neck. “Does that mean you plan on being at lots of my shows?”

“Damn straight.” He lifted me as though I barely weighed a thing and set me on the counter, positioning himself between my thighs. “You’re my woman now, and that means I get to be your biggest fan and only groupie.”

The possessive gleam in his eyes made goose bumps pop up along my skin. “I’m one-hundred percent on board with that plan.”

“Good.” He claimed my mouth, his tongue sweeping inside to tangle with mine. His palms cupped my face, tilting my head back to deepen the kiss. When he finally lifted his head again, my hair was fisted in one of his hands, and I was breathless. “Your mouth is so fucking sweet, but I bet your pussy tastes even better.”

“What happened to going slow?” I asked. The panties I’d changed into earlier were already drenched.

He let go of my hair, his hands drifting down to the sides of the leggings I’d pulled on. “The way I see it, we’ve already been on three dates. Your concert at McClaren’s, watchin’ the movie on your couch, and breakfast this morning.”

“If we’ve already been on three dates, I guess we’re not moving fast at all. There’s a rule about it and everything.” I gasped when he yanked the material down my legs, taking my panties along with the leggings. “But I should probably warn you that I’ve never done this before.”

His nostrils flared, and his cheeks darkened with color. “Am I the first man who’s going to taste your pussy?”

“Uh-huh. Other than kissing, I’m new to all of this,” I admitted softly.

“Don’t like thinking about anyone else getting to enjoy your mouth, even if it was just kisses.” He lifted a hand to brush his thumb across my bottom lip. “But I fucking love knowing I’ll be your first in everything else.”

He didn’t give me a chance to respond, other than letting out a little yelp when he dropped to his knees in front of me and gripped my hips to pull me closer to his mouth. Then all I could do was moan and whimper while he devoured my pussy as though it was his last meal. Stroking his tongue through my folds in long licks, dipping inside on each downward stroke, gently nipping at my clit with his teeth.

I threaded my fingers through his hair, clutching his scalp as he brought me higher and higher. “So close,” I panted.

“That’s right, baby. Give me your orgasm,” he growled against my damp skin as he increased his efforts.

It wasn’t long before his lips, tongue, and teeth drove me over the edge. My eyes squeezed shut, and it was as though fireworks went off behind my lids. Writhing on the counter, I cried, “Yes! Oh, yes, Sebastian!”

He ate me through my release, not stopping until my shudders subsided, and I lay boneless on the counter. After giving each of my inner thighs a kiss, he grabbed my panties and leggings off the floor. When he started to slide them over my ankles, I jerked into a sitting position and squeezed my thighs together. “Remember the three-date rule. We can totally have sex now without it counting as going too fast.”

“There aren’t any rules when it comes to us, baby. Whatever we want goes.” His raspy chuckle sent a shiver down my spine. “And what I want is all the time in the world to spend worshipping your body when I take your virginity, but I have that meeting with Don at eleven. I would skip it, except your safety comes first. If you’re gonna keep playing at McClaren’s, I need to make sure his security system is upgraded, and he gets some bouncers who actually do their fucking job.”

No way could I argue with that logic. The man was turning down sex to make sure nothing bad happened to me when I was doing what I loved. “I’m so freaking lucky you decided to stop in for a drink last night.”

“Me too, baby,” he agreed. “Me fucking too.”



I hated leaving Ireland, but I needed to deal with this bullshit to ensure she was safe. After Hack’s and my meeting with a client in the afternoon, the silver lining was that we didn’t have anything scheduled for a few weeks. I could dedicate my time to Ireland and making her fall for me. And somewhere between eating her pussy and kissing her goodbye, I’d decided to knock her up. She’d have my vest on her back and my ring on her finger as soon as possible, but I also couldn’t wait to see her beautiful body round with our child. It didn’t hurt that it would be one more thing that would tie her to me permanently.

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