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I became a prospect—given the name Patriot due to my background—and suddenly realized I had a family again. I put all of my focus into becoming a patch as quickly as possible and rising through the ranks to become Captain. Women just hadn’t been on my radar, and no one had turned my head enough to derail my focus.

Now, as my body stirred, clearly interested in this Irish lass, I briefly wondered if I had a thing for Irish chicks. But the thought left as quickly as it had appeared. It wasn’t red-haired, green-eyed women with adorable freckles that did it for me. It was this one. Just her.

“Hey! Erin!” called a scraggly guy in a Devil’s Jesters cut with no shirt to cover his hairy chest and slight beer belly. He ran a hand through his greasy hair, and when he leered at her, his long nose stood out against the sharp angles of his face, making him look like a hawk. He stumbled up to my girl—Erin—and grabbed her around the waist, jerking her up against his naked chest. She shuddered and tried to push away.

“I’m working, Vinny. Let me go,” she said, a hint of panic edging her sweet voice.

“C’mon, doll face. I promise to treat you real good. Can’t say the same about any of the other fuckers panting after your virgin pussy.”

I shot from my seat, having heard more than enough. “Back off,” I growled as I used the flat of my hand to push him away, then moved Erin behind me.

“The fuck, man?” Vinny whined. “You got no right. She’s my old lady.”

Erin snorted from behind me, and I almost smiled but continued to glare at Vinny. “Don’t see a property patch. Until I do, stay the fuck away from her.”

Vinny glared at me, but there was no strength behind it. Probably because he was high as a fucking kite. He spit on the floor at my feet and grumbled, “Her pussy ain't worth fighting for anyway.”

I tensed, but a small hand on my arm kept me from going after him. Turning, I stared down at the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my life.

“Thank you,” she said softly. There was sincere gratitude in her eyes, but there was also a deep distrust that made me frown. It bothered me that she was wary of me. I wanted her to lean on me, to feel protected and safe with me.

I swallowed hard to keep from saying those things and simply nodded. It took a ton of control to let her walk away, but my eyes stayed glued to her as I made my way back to my seat.

The boys were quiet when I sat back down. They remained that way through our meal, not that I noticed much since I spent the entire time watching over my woman.

Suddenly, Nova spoke up. “If you’re thinking what I think you are...especially publicly, you’ll be starting a war.”

I dragged my gaze away from Erin to stare daggers at my brother. “You wouldn't have done it for Rylee?” I asked, referring to his old lady.

Nova’s expression turned murderous. “You know I’d kill for her,” he growled.

“You sayin’ you won’t have my back?”

“That’s bullshit, and you know it, Patriot,” Rider broke in. “You fuckin’ know we got your back.” He was right, but I was too fired up to admit it.

“My point was just that you better be sure she’s worth it,” Nova said.

My gaze strayed to Erin once again. “She is.”

“How does this shit keep happening?” Breaker grumbled. “Motorcycle club, not matchmaker club.”

A woman who looked somewhat similar to Erin, but a little older and a whole lot harder, came stomping over to the bar where Erin was picking up a food order. She started speaking animatedly, her expression making it clear she was given my girl a tongue lashing. A tall, muscular biker with scars and tattoos all over his body walked up behind the angry woman. When he directed a dark, furious scowl at Erin, I’d had enough.

I jumped to my feet and plowed my way through the crowd. My brothers flooded from every corner of the room to be at my back. A fight was brewing, and we all knew it.

Rider stepped to my side and cracked his knuckles, then grinned. “Let’s do this shit and get on the fuckin’ road.”



The moment I spotted Alice and Razor walking into the bar, I knew my time was up. There was no missing how angry my sister was as she hurried over to me. I set the tray of food I’d just picked up back down, worried that I’d drop it while we argued. A quick glance at Vinny told me exactly why she was so angry—the jerk had tattled on me. My only saving grace was that Razor had stopped to talk to a couple of his club brothers instead of following Alice, so I’d only have to deal with her for now.

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