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I met Hack’s gaze and growled, “If he’d said those things about Paisley…”

His mouth flattened, and his eyes took on a deadly glint. “I’d want to kill him, too. You know I’ve killed for my old lady, so I get it. But it’s the middle of the day in broad daylight. Once you’ve cooled off, if you still want to take him out, we’ll make it happen. Even if that means just digging up dirt on him to get his ass handed to the cops.”

Hack could find anything on anyone. He’d never encountered a digital wall he couldn’t break down. When he said he’d find a way, I trusted that he’d keep his word. But usually, we weren’t one to let cops dole out justice for us. However, what he’d said about being taken from Ireland by going to prison started to sink in. Better to make a plan and rid the world of this trash without a trail that led back to us.

“Fine,” I bit out, dropping my hand. “Let’s go.” Hack nodded and turned to walk to his hog. Before I followed, I stomped my motorcycle boot down on Scott’s junk, then left without a backward glance.

We’d mounted our bikes and were about to head out when Hack removed his helmet and faced me. I took mine off so I could hear what he said. “I’ll handle the client. Go to your girl. Make sure she’s safe. You’ll be worthless until you do.”

I lifted my chin to him in thanks and put my helmet back on before taking off like a bat out of hell. By the time I reached Ireland’s apartment, I had calmed considerably, but I still felt desperate to have her in my arms. Hack was right. I wouldn’t be able to breathe until Ireland was at the compound where she would be protected. It was unlikely that Scott had the balls—even before I put my footprint on them—to come after my woman or me. But just in case the punk had connections we weren’t aware of, I’d do whatever it took to protect my girl.

Ireland had given me a key before I left, and I was happy to see she’d locked up behind me. When I opened the door, she was sitting at her piano, her fingers dancing across the keys as a beautiful melody sang from her instrument. Her eyes were closed, and she had a sweet smile on her face. I loved that she had so much passion for music. I made a mental note to have a piano delivered to the clubhouse. She’d be able to use that one until we found our own place and could move this one to it.

Ireland’s eyes opened when I entered, even though I tried to shut the door as quietly as possible. My chest warmed, and my cock swelled when her smile grew even bigger at the sight of me. Her hands stilled, and I shook my head as I strode over to the couch. “Don’t stop.”

“Okay,” she replied, her expression soft. She closed her eyes again and resumed playing the same melody. It started slow and haunting, then eventually, it picked up tempo and sounded more like rock. It was the kind of song that kept your attention, not only because of the tune but also because it kept surprising me throughout the piece. Then she tied all of it together at the end. And fuck, she was so incredibly gorgeous in her element.

Ireland removed her hands from the keys, and as the sound slowly faded, she looked at me with a happy glow.

“You wrote that, didn’t you?”

“How did you know?” Her cheeks turned pink as she waited for my answer, her eyes hopeful.

“Because it was as unexpected, as unique, and as extraordinary as you.”

She beamed at me as she stood, then rushed over and threw herself into my arms. “I’m so happy you liked it.”

“Loved it, baby,” I corrected before capturing her lips in a deep kiss. Before things could get out of hand, I pulled back and nearly laughed at Ireland’s disappointed pout. I patted her round ass and put her on her feet. “I promise not to stop next time,” I told her with a wink. Her skin flushed, and she shivered, making me grin.

“Right now, you need to pack a bag.”

Confusion clouded her face. “Pack?”

“Not something you need to worry about, but there might be some trouble, and I want you to stay with me at the Silver Saints clubhouse.”

“Trouble? With Scott?” I nodded, and her expression crumpled. “Oh, no. I’m so sorry I got you involved in this.”

I grasped her chin firmly and locked my eyes on hers. “This wasn’t your fault. And it’s my job to protect you, baby. Never question that I will keep you safe. There is nothing more important to me than you.”

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