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“Oh, fuck, baby. You feel so damn good. Perfect.”

I pulled out slowly and gently thrust back in, wanting to make sure I didn’t hurt her, but Ireland was having none of that. She clutched my shoulders and bucked her pelvis. “More, Sebastian. Please.”

My control snapped, and I grasped her hips, holding them steady so I could pound in and out of her, my balls slapping against her ass each time I bottomed out.

“Harder, Sebastian,” she moaned as she writhed on the bed and tried to move her lower body. “Faster! Yes! Oh, yes!”

I wasn’t about to deny my girl anything. I put her legs around my waist and loomed over her to grab onto the headboard. Then I dug my feet into the mattress and used the leverage to slam my cock into her pussy over and over. “Oh, yeah, baby. Fuck. That’s it. Your pussy is perfect for my dick, Ireland.”

She cried out in ecstasy when I shifted to alter my angle so I would hit her clit every time I drove inside her. Her inner muscles clenched, squeezing my shaft almost to the point of pain. “Fuck! Oh, fuck. Yes, baby, squeeze that pussy. Fuck! Oh, fuck!”

My spine began to tingle, and my balls drew up, letting me know I had no more time. Thankfully, Ireland was already teetering on the edge of her orgasm. All it took was a pinch to her clit, and she screamed my name as she flew apart.

Her pussy rippled around my cock, milking my climax from me. I let go of the headboard to put her legs on my shoulders before I slammed into her a few more times. Then I planted myself as deep as possible, making sure my tip was nestled against her cervix before I exploded. A shout ripped from my throat as come spurted from my cock, filling Ireland until it tried to ooze out between us. But I’d sealed her entrance with my groin plastered against hers, and when a little of it managed to escape, I scooped it up and stuffed it back in.

Eventually, I emptied the last of my seed inside her and collapsed onto her, but I was careful to keep most of my weight off her. “Holy fucking shit, baby,” I grunted. “That was unbelievable.”

My energy was depleted, so I slid my arms beneath her and rolled us onto our sides, keeping us joined together. “Are you okay?” I asked when she remained silent.

“I-I just…needed to…catch…my breath,” she panted. After a few seconds, she took a deep breath, evening out the rhythm. “I agree with everything you said.”

I laughed and cuddled her close. “I told you we were perfect for each other.”

She pinched my side and muttered, “Don’t be so smug.” But her voice was full of humor. I chuckled before kissing her forehead. We laid like that for a handful of minutes until Ireland shifted. She gasped when she realized I was still hard as a rock inside her. When she moved again, I banded an arm around her to keep her still and growled, “You don’t quit wiggling, you’re gonna find yourself on your back with my cock workin’ that tight little pussy.”

Ireland didn’t say anything at first, but then she wiggled and whispered, “Was that supposed to be a deterrent? Because if so, you clearly don’t understand the concept.”

I laughed again and nuzzled my face in the crook of her neck. “I just popped your cherry, baby. You’re gonna be sore. I should’ve pulled out already and put you in a bath, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave your warmth. And I didn’t want any of my come going the wrong way.”

“But—” Ireland started to protest.

“Tell you what. You take a bath and see how you feel after. But I refuse to cause you any more pain, so don't be expecting me to give in.”

Not only did she talk me into fucking her in the bathtub but she also convinced me to take her again on the bed. Then we went at it like rabbits the rest of the night.



Sebastian hadn’t been exaggerating when he’d told me that he wanted all the time in the world to worship my body. We spent our first few days together, barely leaving his room at the Silver Saints clubhouse. Cat brought a tray up a few times a day with food, allowing us to hole up together. But on the fourth day, the outside world had intervened in the form of the old ladies dragging me out for their weekly lunch.

They’d refused to listen to any of Sebastian’s arguments about it not being safe for me to be out in public and told him to send as many men with us as he wanted to keep an eye out for Scott. When he found out we were going to a restaurant owned by the club, he relented. But only because he locked the place down so nobody who wasn’t connected to the Silver Saints was allowed in or out while we were there.

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