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“I’ll wait right here.”

Don walked behind the bar just as the other man said, “These seats are for paying customers, buddy.”

Don waved him off. “Relax, Todd. He’s a Silver Saint, and if Wendy wanted him gone, she would’ve kicked his ass out already. I’ve seen her take down bigger men than Rider.”

My lips stretched into a grin at hearing that Wendy could take care of herself. She was a badass, and it was sexy as fuck. And damn if that didn’t make me want her even more. “I’d pay to see that sometime.”

Wendy rolled her eyes as she left to help another customer, but an amused smirk played at her lips.

It was the longest ten fucking minutes of my life. When her shift was done, Don told her not to worry about closing up and get out of there. I owed him big time.

I stood and walked around the bar to meet Wendy at the opening where she exited. To my surprise, she held out her hand, and I didn’t hesitate to take it. Then I took the lead, dragging her into the dimly lit back hallway. I pushed her up against the wall and grabbed her hips to keep her in place while my mouth crashed down on hers.

Fuck. She tasted amazing. Like chocolate and mint. It made me hungry—well, hungrier. “Open up, little firecracker,” I demanded against her velvet lips. Without waiting for her to comply, I raised one hand to her chin and cupped it, using a gentle squeeze to force her mouth open. I swept my tongue inside and groaned when her flavor burst on my tongue. My body moved in, crowding her, pressing her big tits against my chest and my hard-on against her stomach. She moaned, and the sound sent streaks of pleasure straight to my cock.

After a few minutes of making out, I ripped my mouth away and touched my forehead to hers. “We have to stop, or I’m gonna fuck you against this wall, and I refuse to have our first time together be a fast fuck in a bar.”

Wendy’s breaths were as quick and choppy as my own, and it made her tits rub over my chest. With every bit of my willpower, I stepped back so we were no longer touching—except for the hand that still cradled her jaw.

“You want me that bad, huh?” she sassed.

I met her gaze with a quirked eyebrow and shoved the bulge in my leather pants against her again. “What do you think, baby?”

A wicked smile curled her lips, and she removed my hand from her face and laced her fingers through mine. “I think we should go to my place, so you can fuck me wherever you want.”

Any remaining blood in my body rushed to my dick so fast it left me feeling dizzy. Yeah, we needed to get the fuck out of this bar before I broke.



Bringing a guy home with me from McClaren’s was the most reckless thing I’d ever done in my life. Especially since Aiden was a Silver Saint and had no idea I was his VP’s little sister. There was an unwritten rule in the MC—sisters and daughters were off-limits. If a member crossed that line, all hell tended to break loose.

When Dax fell for Arya, he kidnapped her to make sure she had a chance to fall for him before any drama happened since Nova had already threatened to kill anyone who dared to lay a finger on her. From what my brother had told me, Dax’s plan bought him two weeks with Arya before Nova realized what was happening. As soon as he found out, he hunted them down, got into a brawl with Dax, and tried to put a stop to the relationship. But by then, he was too late. They’d fallen in love, and it turned out that Arya was already pregnant. And once Dax slid his property patch on her back, Nova didn’t have a leg to stand on. Old lady trumped sister every day of the week.

What happened between Dax and Arya only reinforced Kyle’s decision to keep me away from the single members of the Silver Saints. It had been so long since I’d been at the compound, most of the guys I’d met wouldn’t even recognize me as more than a bartender at McClaren’s. I’d seen Breaker—one of the few who knew about my ties to the Silver Saints—sometimes when he dropped in for a drink—which I always suspected was in large part to check up on me for my brother. But the only ones I really hung out with were Mac and Link, both of whom were happily married, and that was when we were all at Kyle and Cat’s place. Never the clubhouse.

I probably should have tried harder to tell Aiden who I was, but it would have killed a part of me if the desire shining from his gorgeous green eyes fizzled out just because I was related to his VP. Plus, there hadn’t been even the tiniest hint of doubt in his voice when he’d said that nobody was going to stop him from claiming me. I couldn’t help but believe him and decided my brother’s reaction was a bridge we could cross later. Then he’d kissed me, and any thought except getting somewhere we could be alone fled my mind.

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