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“Thank you, baby.” He leaned forward to claim my mouth in a passionate kiss. “I appreciate you giving me the chance to show off for you.”

If we were anywhere but Dune’s Point, I would’ve been way more excited. I wanted Aiden to be happy, and I could tell he loved racing because of how his eyes sparkled every time he mentioned it. And I knew he had to be damn good or he never would’ve won a gold medal at the Olympics. “Go win me that checkered flag, babe.”

“You got it.” He flashed me a wicked grin. “I’ll tell ’em I want to take it home with me after. I’d love to see you with nothing but the flag wrapped around your gorgeous body.”

Laughter bubbled up my throat even while I wiggled in my seat because his confidence turned me on. “I should’ve known you’d find a way to turn this race into foreplay.”

“That can’t be too much of a surprise.” He stood and started to walk toward the truck, looking over his shoulder as he added, “All you have to do is breathe, and my cock gets hard.”

I practically ate him up with my eyes while I watched him get ready for the race. When he was done, he came back over and pressed my palm against his chest. “I know you’re scared, but I’m taking every precaution. My racing gear is different from what I usually wear when I ride.” He pushed my hand harder against his torso, and I was surprised by how much padding I felt underneath the outer layer of material. “The built-in armor is CE approved, which is the most trusted standard in racing.” He dropped a quick kiss on my lips before lifting his helmet up so I could see it better. “This sucker exceeds all federal safety guidelines. It has a full-face, a double D-ring closure, a bigger eye port that lets me see ahead when I’m prone on the gas tank, an aerodynamic and light shell, and great venting so my head stays cool.”

Listening to him rattle off all the technical mumbo jumbo relieved some of my nerves. “You’ve put a lot of thought into what you wear.”

“I didn’t fuck around when it came to safety shit before I met you, and I sure as hell am not going to start now. You’ve given me everything I could’ve ever wanted.”

He was being so damn sweet. I was about to burst into happy tears when an ambulance rolled up. “If I don’t have anything to worry about, what in the hell do you need that for?”

“I asked one of the crews that pull shifts at the track during big races if they’d come out here.” He squeezed my fingers. “I figured having them on hand would make you feel better. Was I wrong?”

Some of my tension eased, and the smile I aimed his way was more genuine. “No, I’m glad you went above and beyond to be as safe as possible. Thank you.”

“Whatever you need, baby.” He brushed one last kiss against my lips before striding over to his motorcycle and mounting it. I held my breath as the green flag dropped, and he took off, leaning forward in my seat to watch until he was no longer in my line of sight. There was a lump in my throat as the roar of the engines faded. For a good twenty minutes, the four riders were just specks of black in the distance. My nails bit into my palms as I waited for the motorcycles to get close enough again for me to be able to tell which one was Aiden.

I was just starting to think all of my worrying was for nothing when Aiden and one of the other racers, Peter, rode into a section of the course with two corners in close succession in opposite directions. They made it through the left-handed curve without any issues, Peter hot on Aiden’s heels. Gemma was about thirty feet behind them, and Maverick was only ten feet back from her, currently in last place.

I jumped up, ready to cheer Aiden on when he came out of the curve to the right, but something went wrong with Peter’s bike. As they entered the straightaway, he lost control and slammed into Aiden’s back tire, sending the love of my life hurtling over his handlebars. “No,” I wailed, running toward him.

The two paramedics were much faster and passed me before I made it even a quarter of the way there. Gemma stopped to check on Peter, who’d gained just enough control of his bike after hitting Aiden to slow down and pull to the side. Maverick went over to where Aiden lay prone on the course and dropped to his knees. He looked worried when the paramedics joined him, his gaze darting toward me as I neared. Jumping up, he slid his arm behind my back and murmured, “Don’t freak out. Aiden has a cut on his forehead, so his injuries look worse than they really are. But he seemed alert and was able to move his arms and legs.”

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