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“You’re begging for a spanking, little firecracker,” I grunted, giving her ass a surreptitious squeeze.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Wendy replied breathlessly, as her cheeks heated and her thighs pressed together, making me grin. It didn’t matter how many years we’d been together, our passion had never dimmed.

Anika waved at us, and Wendy waved back before she unzipped her cut and shrugged it off.

My breath caught in my throat, and my cock pulsed painfully. She was wearing a snug T-shirt that had my name and racing number from the Olympics on the front, and “Property of Rider” just above her left breast. The front was a V that dipped low enough to make me feel homicidal rage any time a man looked anywhere near our direction. It left very little to the imagination, and since she was still nursing our infant daughter, Allyn, her tits were huge.

“Put it back on,” I snarled.


My hands clenched into fists, my palms itching to redden her pretty little ass. “Wendy,” I warned, my voice low and gravelly.

“Yeah, babe?”

“If you don’t put your cut back on, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow. And while you’re sitting, every time you move, your raw ass will remind you not to fuck with me.”

Wendy squirmed a little and swallowed hard, but then she squared her shoulders and tossed me a challenging glance.

“You really are asking for it, aren’t you, little firecracker?” Despite how pissed I was, her adorable defiance amused me. That wouldn’t get her out of her punishment, though.

Luckily, Ajax and Allyn were with Patriot’s family tonight. And Adira would be joining them, leaving Wendy and me all alone in our house tonight.

“Last chance, baby…”

* * *

“Who owns this body, firecracker?” I grunted as I penetrated my wife’s pussy with slow, shallow thrusts. For the past twenty minutes, I’d been working her up to a peak, then pulling back before she could climax.

“You,” she whimpered.

“Fuckin’ right.”

I withdrew and flipped her over, then spanked her cherry-red ass cheeks a few more times. “Who is the only man allowed to see it?”

“You.” She shifted restlessly, panting and looking back over her shoulder at me. “Please,” she begged, her eyes clouded with pent-up desire.

Slipping my arms around her middle, I bent over and glided my hands up her silky skin to cup her generous tits. Then I guided her up onto her knees so we were both kneeling, her back to my front.

“Mouth,” I commanded. She immediately turned her head, and I ravaged her lips, sweeping my tongue inside to savor her taste, while my fingers manipulated her hard, milky nipples. When I finally ended the kiss, I brought one hand up to my mouth and licked the white juice off my fingers. “Taste so fuckin’ good,” I groaned.

Placing that hand on her hip, I held her steady as I thrust my dick deep into her channel.

“Aiden!” Wendy cried, her back bowing.

“Fuck,” I grunted as her pussy gripped me tight. I gritted my teeth and held still to whisper, “Do you want to come, baby?”

“Yes, please, Aiden. I need to come!”

I moved my hand from her hip down to cup her sex, then the other traveled up to clench a chunk of her hair and tug her head backward. “Gonna promise you won’t go out in shit like that again?” I demanded.

Wendy pursed her lips, but she didn’t say anything.

Surprised, I cocked my head to the side. “I thought you wanted to come.”

“I do. I need it,” she panted. “But I won’t make a promise I can’t keep.”

My brow furrowed, and I growled, “Promise me, Wendy.”

She shook her head—as much as she could with my hand fisted in her hair—and her glazed eyes met mine. They were burning with passion, and it suddenly hit me. “You little minx. You intend to rile me up again in the future by teasing me with that shit?”

Her mouth curved up, and I shook my head, releasing a bark of laughter.

“Just for that, I should get off and leave you hanging for the rest of the night,” I muttered. “But you know I can’t leave my little firecracker wanting for anything. Just remember when you can’t walk tomorrow, you brought this on yourself.”

I kissed her again as I began to move, going deeper and picking up speed until we were both nearing the edge. “Aiden! Yes! Yes!”

Her body was shaking, and I raised my hand to slap her pussy hard enough to send her tumbling into a screaming orgasm that practically brought the walls down.

Tearing my mouth from hers, I bellowed her name as I exploded inside her, the pulsing of her pussy walls milking my dick and drawing out my climax.

When we floated back to earth, we collapsed onto the bed with my still-hard-as-steel cock buried in her tight heat. I wasn’t convinced that I’d used her pussy to the point that she would feel me with every step the next day. So, I pulled out and rolled onto my back, then lifted her until she was straddling me and impaled her again with one swift thrust.

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