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“What time is it?” he asks his voice rough with sleep.

His warm breath brushes against my shoulder causing goose bumps to crawl across my skin.

“Six thirty.” I set my phone down, then roll to my back. “I have to leave soon so I have time to make it home and get ready for work.”

He gets up on his elbow, looming over me, then slides his fingers across my forehead. “I should have taken you home last night to pack a bag.” His gaze locks on mine and his lip hitches up ever so slightly. “But I didn’t want to risk you changing your mind about coming home with me.”

“I wouldn’t have changed my mind,” I whisper, and he lowers his face toward mine and the first brush of his lips causes the muscles in my lower belly to clench and my eyes to slide closed. I grab onto him, not sure that I won’t float away when he deepens the kiss, and I whimper when his hand moves to my stomach just under my breast. I arch my back, silently begging him to slide his hand under my shirt to touch me, but he doesn’t. Instead he groans and drags his mouth from mine, leaving me with one final soft kiss.

“Let’s get you up.”

He rolls to his back then right out of bed, leaving me laying there looking at the ceiling, wondering if I did something wrong. Or I think I did something wrong until I glance over at him and find him looking at me with a dark look in his eyes as he adjusts the very obvious bulge in his boxers.

Rubbing my lips together I sit up, then laugh when Skye pops up on the side of the bed and places her face on mine. “Good morning to you, too.” I rub her head and behind her ears as she places her front paws on my lap.

“Do you want some coffee or breakfast?”

Looking over at him, I find him still shirtless, but putting on a pair of grey sweats. I seriously wonder how many hearts he’s broken. Probably a million.

“I wish, but don’t have time.” I get up off the bed and go to my clothes I folded up last night and set on the top of his dresser. Grabbing my pants, I shimmy into my tapered leg slacks, but leave his shirt on as I put on my bra. When I’m done, I turn around finding him staring, and heat curls in my belly while my pulse quickens. “Umm.” I clear my throat as my cheeks warm. “Are you still taking me this evening to talk to your brothers?”

“Yeah.” His chest expands as he scrubs his fingers through his hair, then he meets my gaze. “I’ll call Miles and figure out what time they want you there.”

“Thanks.” I shift on my feet as energy pulses through the air between us then motion to the bathroom. “I’m going to just—” My words taper off and he jerks up his chin. I duck my head and walk across the room, then shut the door behind me and quickly brush my teeth and use the restroom.

When I step back out a few minutes later, he’s no longer in the bedroom, but in the kitchen giving Skye her breakfast. As soon as he sees me, he motions me forward with a flick of his fingers and I walk to where he is. I don’t know what I expect, but it’s not for him to wrap his hand around the back of my neck to drag me forward and cover my mouth with his. The kiss puts the one in his bed to shame. My toes curl and my nails dig into his biceps, as his mouth possesses mine. When his hand grips my ass, I feel the length of him against my belly and moan while he growls down my throat. Lifting up on my tiptoes to get closer. He hefts me up with a quick jerk and I circle him with my legs.

“Clay,” I pant, as his mouth leaves mine to trail down my neck, and my fingers slide into his hair while my head falls back on my shoulders. When he pulls back, I’m panting for breath and my heart is beating hard. My eyes flutter open, and I tip my head down to meet his gaze knowing what I’m feeling is being mirrored right back at me.

“Fuck!” he groans, dropping his forehead to my chest. “I thought it would be safer to kiss you out here, rather than in my bed where I’d want to take advantage.” He lets me fall slowly to my feet but keeps hold of me, which is good since I’m pretty sure my legs wouldn’t be able to hold me up right now. “I was wrong.”

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