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I know she did, and I know that shit was only because I made it clear that I was going to tell him no matter how much she cried and begged me not to. To this day I still don’t know why she showed up on my doorstep. Yes, we had gone out on a couple of dates before her and Tucker got together but it was never serious. And after she married my brother, we were cordial at best and only really spoke in a group setting. Finding her outside my door had caught me by surprise, but I love my brother, and knew that they had gone through something difficult, so I didn’t tell her to leave like I should have. No, I invited her in and about ten minutes into her being here I knew I fucked up when she tried crawling up my body to get to my mouth.

“So, you get that Clay wasn’t at fault?” Dayton raises a brow.

“She was vulnerable.”

“And you think I took advantage of that?” I let out a hollow laugh.

“You knew we’d been struggling.”

“I’m not doing this.” I head across the loft toward my bedroom then stop and spin to face him. “Actually, let me say one thing.”

“Clay.” Miles groans but I keep my eyes locked on Tucker’s.

“I don’t want your wife, and I think it’s probably about time that you came to terms with the fact that maybe you don’t want her either.”

“Fuck you, man, you live your life uncommitted to everything and everyone. You don’t know shit about marriage or relationships.”

“I’ve never been married but I know that the person you choose to be with is someone you should actually want to fucking be with.”

“You don’t know shit.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I know you’re miserable, I know you make a lot of excuses for your wife’s behavior, and I know that you’re taking that bullshit out on the wrong person.” I let out a deep breath. “Now I’m gonna shower.” I leave my brothers in my living room without a backwards glance and walk into my room with Skye at my side. I strip out of my clothes as I head for the shower knowing one thing for sure, nothing good is going to come from that confrontation and if anything, it just caused more of a rift between Tucker and me.


Chapter 3


“AND NEXT THING I know he’s kissing me,” I say, watching my best friend and roommate’s eyes widen as I tell her about what happened with Clay.

“Are you serious?”


“Did you kiss him back?”

“Absolutely not.” I wave my hand out and her eyes scan my face.

“Your mouth is saying you didn’t, but your face is saying something else.”

“My mouth and face are both saying the same thing.”

“Okay.” She presses her lips together. “So, what happened after that?”

“He goes to my car and for obvious reasons I’m like, ‘what are you doing?’ Then he pulled out a tracker from under the back bumper.”

“What?” she gasps, and I cringe. “Why would there be a tracker on your car?”

“I don’t know, I called my dad, and he showed up with some guys and get this…” I wait for a little flare. “One of them was that guy Clay’s brother.”

“Are you living in a movie?”

“It felt like it.” I hop up on the counter next to where she’s cooking some kind of fancy pasta dish that will no doubt be amazing. “So anyways the guys looked at the metal thing then said they couldn’t be sure that it was a tracker for me or just for my car.”

“For your car?” She frowns.

“I guess that there’s been some car thefts recently and they use the tracker to find the car later.” I shrug. “I looked it up online and it’s happening in lots of big cities.”

“You do have a nice car.”

“I do.” I agree because my Audi is top of the line and the only thing in my life that I have ever splurged on. It took me months to finally decide to purchase it and that was only after about a dozen pro/con lists. To say I have a difficult time making long-term decisions is an understatement. But to be fair, I never want to regret anything, so I always take time to make sure that what I’m doing is the right thing.

“So, are you safe?”

“Yeah, I mean I’ve been keeping an eye out and haven’t noticed anything strange or anyone following me.”

“Good,” she says quietly, then meets my gaze and asks, “so you and Alec are done?”


“And how long before he turns into one of your best friends that you dog sit for and try to match up with someone you think would be perfect for him?”

“Very funny.” I roll my eyes.

“It’s a serious question. You date all these guys then find a reason to break up with them only to befriend them in the end. You have to admit it’s a little odd.”

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