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“I hate your mom.” I grumble and she lets out a long breath, then without a comeback she turns to the TV as our show begins to play.

Knowing the conversation is done I dig into my five-star shrimp and pasta dish and devour each and every delicious bite while I watch a group Vikings attempt to take over the world and only partly wish I could go back in time because things like hot showers and women’s rights did not exist back then.


DRESSED IN A pair of jeans that flare at the ankle, platform booties, and a tight lace top that shows just a hint of cleavage under my short leather jacket I get out of the Uber Leah and I rode in, then hold out my hand.

“Can you make it out?” I laugh as she scoots across the long backseat in her jeans that are as tight as mine.

“Yes.” She laughs with me when she finally gets her heels on the ground. “Thanks.” She turns to smile at the driver totally missing that he was just checking out her ass.

“Sure, have fun ladies.” He waves before we slam the door. When we step up on the sidewalk, I scan for Carly who said she would meet us out front of the bar.

“Do you see her?” Leah asks and I shake my head.

“No, do you?”

“Wait isn’t that her?”

I look to where she’s pointing and have to do a double take. I haven’t known Carly for long, we’ve only been working together at the bank for about six months, but she looks nothing like herself tonight. Not only is she wearing a full face of makeup with her hair done up big, but her outfit is something I’m honestly surprised to see her in. At work she’s always in slacks and button downs and when we’ve hung out outside of work, she normally just dresses very casually in jeans and a sweater or a t-shirt. Tonight’s outfit is none of that. No, her skirt is short, her heels are high, and her top is low cut showing a good amount of cleavage. I mean she looks beautiful, I’m just shocked because it’s so different then her norm.

When she spots us, she starts to wave, then walks our way through the crowd on the sidewalk. “Oh my god, thank you guys so much for coming.”

“You look awesome.” I give her a hug that she returns before stepping back and running her hands down her sides.

“It’s not too much?”

“Not at all.”

“Thank you.” She lifts her shoulders and smiles like a little kid who’s excited. “I’m just so nervous, I haven’t been on a date in so long and I swear this guy is perfect and I just want tonight to go good, you know?”

“I’m sure it will be great.” I give her a reassuring smile. “So, are you meeting him inside?”

“I think so.” She looks around then cringes. “I didn’t ask.”

“Well, we can go in and see if he’s here. What does he look like?”

“Tall, dark, and handsome.” She laughs then pulls out her phone and clicks away before showing Leah his photo on the screen.

“Oh, he is hot.” Leah grins and I nod my agreement because the guy is good looking with dark hair and that whole clean cut but still edgy look.

“Right.” She tucks her phone in her bag. “Well, I guess we can go in and if he can’t find me, he’ll call.”

After showing the bouncer at the door our ID’s we walk into the bar that is, not surprisingly, packed full of people. Not only are there tons of men and women but there are three separate groups of girls who are all dressed similar, who I have no doubt are here for a bachelorette party. This is only the first floor, so I’m sure there are more on the other two levels.

“Oh my god, he’s here.” Carly spins around to face us. “Do I look okay?”

“You look awesome.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I laugh, grabbing her hands. “Do you want us to go over with you?”

“Umm, I don’t know.” She glances over her shoulder quickly. “I think I should probably go alone at first, don’t you?”

“That would probably be good.” I squeeze her hands. “You got this, and we are here if you need us.”

“Thank you so much.” She gives us both a goofy smile, then spins around and starts walking across the bar. It doesn’t take the guy long at all to notice her, then again, a lot of other men in the room stop to watch her as well.

“All right so what do you say you and I get a drink.” I suggest to Leah when Carly’s date gets up to greet her with a smile and a sweet kiss to her cheek.

“Yes, please.” We head to the bar and after we both have the vodka sodas we ordered, we start to head for a standing table but stop when Carly waves us to come over to where she is.

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