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I pull out my phone to check my messages the second I exit my parents’ house.My parents live close to downtown, so I can walk to work each day.Today is my first day, and I am so excited.I’m finally a full-time librarian, whereas before I was only a volunteer.Hence why I still lived at home.My mom and dad would give me small jobs to do for their accounting firm to earn some extra money on the side while I took some online college classes.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t want me to go away to college any more than I wanted to leave Troping.I love it here, and even though I may not have been born in this town, I was raised here.This place is where my parents adopted me when I was only a few days old.I don’t think they could have hidden the fact that I was adopted, not with my wild red hair, green eyes, and all my curves.

It’s a stark contrast to them, but it never mattered.They are my mom and dad, and I’ll never see them any other way.Even if they can be a bit overbearing at times.Not in a controlling way, but my mom can be nosy.Today she even packed my lunch, which I’m thankful for, but I’m also twenty.

I’ve been volunteering at the Troping library since I was old enough to read.Mrs.Kringle would give me small tasks at first, and the older I got, the more she would let me do.I thought there was no way I’d be asked to take over her position when she retired, but I could run the place in my sleep.Whenever Mrs.Kringle wasn’t there, I could do everything she did, but I was sure everyone would think I was too young.

When both Mayor North and Mrs.Kringle pulled me in for a meeting and asked if I would take over, I almost screamed with excitement, yet I somehow managed to keep it together.

A message pops across my screen, and of course it’s my mom.This is what I mean by overbearing.She stuffed me with breakfast and kissed my cheek before I went out the door, and she’s already texting me.I’m not even all the way down our sidewalk yet.

Mom:Have a great first day!Love you.See you tonight.

Me:Love you too.

She’s so full of it because we both know I will not see her tonight.I bet all the icicles in Troping that she’ll end up at the library at some point this afternoon.I smile when I see I have a text from Snow.

Snow:You’ll do great


Me:Did you read it?

Snow:Of course I read it.

Me:Why aren’t you saying something?!

Is she trying to kill me with suspense?I met Snow in an online book club.I have one in Troping that’s in person, but sometimes a girl needs a few book clubs.I read a lot, and I want to talk about what I’m reading all the time.

Snow and I hit it off quickly and switched over to texts.She’s always asking me for book recommendations and then reads them all.This time, though, I sent her something I was working on.I don’t know why I started writing, but I read so many romance books that I started to crave to have something with my own touch on it.I don’t think I have some big passion to write, I’m just yearning for a romance to call my own.The downfall to a small town is there aren't a lot of romantic options unless you're willing to date someone that someone else you know already dated.No thanks.

Snow:The heroine.She’s you.


I don’t know why my face warms with a blush when I admit that, but I suppose it’s personal.Although I share everything with Snow.It’s crazy how quickly we got close even if it’s only ever been through our phones.

Snow:Your hero is dominant.

I snort a laugh at that.

Me:Is that really shocking?!

I mean she knows all my favorite books.

Snow:You do know bear shifters aren’t real?Right?

I burst out laughing and Carol glances my way as she opens the door to her dress shop.There’s a romance story for you.Carol’s pregnant, and no one knows by who.Secret baby alert.

“Morning,” I say as I pass her.

“Morning, Noel.”She gives me a bright smile as her hand rests on her small baby bump.“You’re going to kill it today.”

“Nothing is really changing,” I admit.

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