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A familiarity falls over me for some reason.Maybe it’s because of the teasing and the sense that we’re now sharing a secret.Or maybe it’s because he got me to say something out loud that I’ve only ever thought.

“What kind of romance do you prefer, Gabriel?I have a lot to choose from.”I wave my hand toward the rows of books.“I section them off, so it can get a bit tricky for someone that doesn't know my system.”Libraries normally toss all romance together and file them by the author's name.That can be overwhelming, especially with how many we carry.I made up a system of my own to help people find something more suited for them.

“I’m always open to suggestions.”His tone is playful.

“Hmm.”I think for a moment.“How about something in a small town?”I peek up at him.

“I could do that.”Right.He candothat.

“This way.”I motion for him to follow me down one of the rows and quickly notice we’re cut off from view of the main lobby.We’re all alone now, and I lick my lips, trying to concentrate on the task at hand, but my mind isn’t focusing.“We should get a bit more specific.Do you have a preference for a heroine?”I turn back to face him, not realizing I stopped abruptly, and his body collides with mine.I let out a small gasp when he grabs my hips again.My hands land on his broad chest, and I realize the man is a freaking giant.He’s also a hero.That’s the third time he’s saved me already.Twice from falling on my ass and once from Mark.

“Maybe an adorably clumsy librarian.”I open my mouth and then close it.That’s not what I thought he might say.“Nothing comes to mind?”he asks but doesn’t release his hold.

“Are you teasing me?”I ask.Adorable?That’s not sexy at all.

“Is there something wrong with an adorable librarian?”He lifts a brow.I’m getting more flustered by the second.

“Adorable is—”

“An adjective.One of many.I could list more if you want.In fact, I could list a whole fucking library of them.”He stares down at me and I have the feeling he means more about me.

“Some want sexy, I suppose.”He could definitely pull sexy.In fact, I think he could pull anything he wanted.

“Yes, adorably sexy.Adorably sweet.Adorably—”

“Okay.”I laugh, getting his point, but still he doesn’t release me.“Are you flirting with me, Gabriel?”I blurt out, needing to know before I make a fool of myself.

“I guess I’m not being clear.”His fingers grip me tighter, digging into my hips.“But yes.”

“Oh,” I gasp when I feel something hard pressing into my stomach.Heat rushes to my face, but I don’t try to step back.“This is, ah, unexpected.”

“Fuck me.”He shakes his head, and another chuckle comes from him.I think he’s going to let me go, but instead he starts to lower his mouth toward mine.

Is he really going to do what I think he’s going to do?I barely have the thought before his mouth brushes against mine in a soft, tentative kiss.

“Gabriel.”I breathe out his name, fighting this need to throw myself at him like long-lost lovers.What is happening?Is this love at first sight?No, this is me being a nut who reads too much, which I didn’t think was possible.

“You feel it?”His words wash away some of my doubt about what’s going on between us, and I nod.

“Wait, you mean what this is and not your…ah…”

“My cock.”He smiles against my mouth.“You can say it.”

“Gabriel.”A laugh bubbles out of my chest.

“No, I don’t mean my cock.”He brushes his mouth against mine again.“Tell me you feel it, and I’m not crazy.”

“You’re not crazy.”I close my eyes as I lift to touch my mouth against his harder.He groans when I part my lips for him, and my body heats.

“What are you kids doing back here?”

“Holy snowballs!”I jump back from Gabriel and see Tinsel standing there.I’m going to murder her.

“Are you with the FBI?”she asks Gabriel.