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Noel:Only he’s still here!RED ALERT!


I have to force myself not to grin and keep my straight face in place as I respond.

Me:Sex god on legs?

Noel:Yes!Big thick and sturdy legs!

Noel:And he asked me to dinner.What should I do?

Me:Why are you hesitating?

Noel:I don’t know?Maybe he’s just broken out of jail?

Me:You liked that one book about that last week, didn’t you?

Noel:Now is not the time to bring up my love of fugitive romances.

Me:What’s the worst that could happen with dinner?

I nudge her just a little, hoping that she will agree.

Noel:You mean other than being raped and murdered?


Noel:My mom could find out.

Me:Go someplace private then.

Noel:And put myself in more danger!This is the beginning of a true crime book not a romance.

Me:Tell a friend where you’re going.Don’t you have someone that can check on you and make sure you’re safe?

Noel:Hmm.That could work.

Me:So you’re going on a date with Sex God?

Noel:Oh god, I think I might.Am I being too reckless?This isn't like me at all.This is the stuff I dream of.

Me:Maybe dreams come true.

After that last text, Noel doesn’t send anything else, and I watch her at the desk as she puts her phone away.I eat another cookie while I watch her and see that she looks a little anxious.Her eyes find mine, and this time instead of looking away she smiles and starts to walk toward me.

“Hey,” I say and put the book down in my lap as she approaches.“How much longer do you have?”

“About an hour.”She fidgets with her fingers in front of her, and it looks like she’s summoning courage.“Dinner, um, tonight?”

“Yes,” I say, letting her squirm a little as I wait for her to say the words I want to hear.

“My answer is yes.For dinner.To you,” she stammers, and I smile at how fucking adorable she is.“Yes, I will go to dinner tonight with you.”

“Perfect,” I agree, and then she quickly turns around and rushes back to the desk without a backwards glance.

My face hurts from grinning at her so much, but I can’t find it in me to stop.How has my life been so clearly turned upside down in one afternoon?


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