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Deciding that I need this day to end sooner rather than later, I grab the bottle off the mini bar along with a glass.Walking into the bedroom, I give myself a heavy pour and kick my shoes off.I place the bottle on the nightstand and kill the amber liquid in one gulp.Without missing a beat, I pour another and then unbutton my shirt.By the time I climb into bed wearing only my boxer briefs, I’m further down this bottle than sensible.But hey, what about this trip is sensible?

The sun is long gone, and it’s been hours since Noel last texted me, but I can’t sleep.Maybe if I just see a few words from her, it will settle my racing mind and I’ll be able to pass out.When I see the phone in my hand sway a little, I know for certain this is a bad idea.Oh well.

Me:How dinner?

Shit.I glare at the message with one eye closed and then I see a text from Noel appear.

Noel:As I imagined it would.It’s late, why are you still up?

She changed the subject.What’s she trying to hide?

Me:Long day.Was the layer a love?

Noel:A what?

Fuck, I’ve got to slow down my fingers.

Me:Was the lawyer your love story?

Noel:Not from the lack of our mothers trying.But thankfully he’s gone for now.

Me:For now?He coming back?

Noel:I’m sure my mom isn’t done yet.How's the pirate romance I sent you?

Again with the change of subject.I finish my drink, and when I go to pour, the bottle is empty.“That’s not good,” I mumble to myself.

Me:Not enough fucking.

I reach down and adjust my cock as I think about the story that left me hard up on the plane.

Noel:LOL!I told you it wasn’t as dirty as the last one, but that scene at the end was swoonworthy.

It takes me a second to type my reply because I’m still seeing double.

Me:I liked when he cut off the guy's hand for touching his bride.

Noel:So possessive

Me:And when she said she would heal him with her love

Noel:Gah, you’re making me want to read it again.

Before I can type my reply, she’s already sending another text.

Noel:I’ve got work early tomorrow.We’re doing a cookie crawl, and I’ve got to set up treats.


Noel:Night, Snow!

Me:Night Noel

The phone stays in my hand until the screen dims and then eventually cuts off.The snow is coming down outside, and I watch it, thinking that Noel and I are under the same cloud tonight.The same flakes that blow by my window might just reach hers, and that promise has me closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep.

I jerk awake when the sunlight comes across my face and I realize I slept more soundly last night than I have in weeks.Maybe it was the bottle of whiskey?That hasn’t helped in the past, so maybe it’s something else I’m not willing to admit.

After showering and getting dressed in a black sweater and jeans, I grab my coat and check my phone.I got a text from Noel first thing this morning, and it’s a picture of a plate of cookies.Looking at the map the lady at the reception gave me last night, I realize that I’ve got the perfect built-in excuse to visit the library and start up a conversation.

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